Will Your Wedding Venue Be Truly Exclusive?

by benbjhampson-com | September 5, 2018 | Wedding Planning Guides

Your wedding day is just that. YOUR day. It’s the most important, most magical day of your life.

It’s your big day, the one you’ve been looking forward to all your life.

So why should you share it?

If you want to be the only bride or groom and have the attention of just your family and friends – and no-one else – you need to make sure your wedding venue is completely exclusive.

Why exclusivity is important for your wedding venue

After you’ve gotten engaged and you begin to look around wedding venues, one of the most important questions to ask is if the place you’re going to be getting married is entirely exclusive.

If you’ve found your dream location, you want to make sure you have it all to yourself.

The last thing you want is strangers drifting in and out of your party.

And you definitely don’t want another wedding party to be in the room next door, sharing your favourite photography spots and comparing their theme, their outfits and their partying with you!

An exclusive wedding venue means:

You don’t have to worry about parking

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a large venue as a wedding guest and finding all the car parking spaces are taken by other people – golfers, hotel guests, spa guests – whoever they might be.

You’ll want to ensure all your family and friends can park without any trouble.

You get access to ALL of the hotel rooms

If you have full and exclusive hire of a wedding venue with accommodation – like Heaton House Farm – then you’ll get full and exclusive access to those rooms to stay overnight.

You get all of those hotel rooms for you and your guests.

But at a non-exclusive wedding venue, your guests might find that hotel rooms are sold out and they are unable to stay with you.

You don’t get random people photobombing your wedding shots

Your wedding shots should capture the most perfect day of your life and be treasured forever. So what if that stunning shot is ruined by someone walking across the lawn, hanging over a balcony or wandering down a path?

The last thing you and your photographer want is to be worrying about people getting in the way of shots, having to move around to find an empty, open space, and snapping shots quickly before someone passes by.

You don’t have to worry about strangers on the dance floor

Have you ever been to a wedding where you’re dancing away by the DJ, and someone dances past you who you don’t recognise? It happens all the time at big hotel weddings.

Hotel guests or local residents hear a good party and want to join in. They wander on over and just jump in on the fun.

It’s not a major problem, but do you really want the potential of dancing with strangers on your wedding day?

Your belongings are all safe

Most weddings will take place without any problems at all. They’re happy, wonderful occasions. But if there’s public access to your wedding venue, you always have to be wary of those opportunists.

Bags get left under tables, coats are hung up by doors, and potential thieves can easily get their hands on belongings without you realising.

It’s horrible to think about, but unless your wedding venue is exclusive – with access for just you and your guests – it could happen.

Of course, you should always take care of all your belongings at any kind of event – just in case.

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for exclusivity

This is your big day. It should all be about YOU. You shouldn’t have to pay anything extra to ensure your wedding venue is completely exclusive.

It should just be reserved for you and your guests only.

Some venues may try and get you to cough up some money to make up for lost revenue, if they close the venue to the general public.

But this will just eat into the budget for your dream wedding.

Instead, if you want exclusive, look for a wedding venue that delivers true exclusivity – without any additional costs. A wedding venue like Heaton House Farm.


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