Photo opportunities

One question we often get asked, is where can we have photos? Well… we have quite a few options!

The glamorous bridal preparation room is a great way to start capturing your special day. Surround by all your ladies, with a few glasses of bubbly, there is always lots of giggles heard spilling out of the room, and these are the perfect moments to be captured. The room benefits from lots of natural light, so any photos of your bouquet, shoes, jewellery and any other personal elements can be capturing perfectly, and of course the big reveal of ‘the dress’!

On arrival at Heaton House Farm, one of the first areas you will see is the courtyard, which also has some steps leading up to a number of the accommodation rooms. One of the best uses for this space is for your photographer to head to the top of the steps, and take a group photo of your all guests. The patio area by our iconic Sycamore tree with its three county sweeping views, is also another great place for a group photo. Such a great idea to capture each and every person that is celebrating your day with you. This can be done very quickly either straight after your civil ceremony, or on arrival from your church ceremony.

During the drinks receptions, your friends and family will be busy catching up on the patio and in the Entrance Barn, it’s the perfect time to slip away and enjoy some private time together for the first time as a married couple. With so much space around the farm, there really is so many areas to choose from. Just have a look at the gallery above for some ideas! The water gardens are possibly one of the most special as it’s tucked away from all your guests and hidden behind a secret door, which only yourself and your photographer and videographer get access too. On quite a few evenings, we experience the most amazing sunsets, which are always a magical moment.

After you have finished your meal, it’s speech time, which also lends itself rather well to photo opportunities as you never are quite sure what the best man is going to do!

Once you’ve moved through to the Wedding Barn to start the party off, your cake can also be brought through if you have not cut it during the day, and can be spotlight on the middle of the dance floor. This is a great chance to involve your evening guests in your celebration, and they can get the perfect photo. Afterward, the first dance can commence, another perfect photo opportunity.

The Green Oak Entrance Barn is a popular place in the evening for a photobooth. Capturing your guests putting on silly hats and glasses, and holding props, whilst pulling an amusing facial expression is a moment you won’t want to miss!