Wine & Dine


During your dining, our wine service can be chosen. All you have to do is decide an overall total of bottles you would like to offer, (we suggest 3 bottles per 10 guests) and our events team will offer your guests the choice of the three wines so that they may choose which wine they prefer during dinner. As the wines are served by our staff throughout dinner it means that bottles are not opened and left on the table for guests to serve themselves, so wastage is kept to a minimum and saves you money. We can also serve beers and soft drinks, should you wish.

The bar remains open through the meal allowing your guests to choose from a wide range of popular soft drinks, spirits, wines, lagers and champagnes . We are proud to offer award-winning real ale from Wincle Beer Co and traditional ciders also which adds a personal touch to the bar.


‘The most important family meal you will ever have…’

At Heaton House Farm we can accommodate every dish you can imagine from our carefully chosen approved caterers. The  are as flexible as we are, so you can tailor your menu to suit your individual tastes.

Whether you would like a sumptuous wedding breakfast, relaxed afternoon tea, or mouthwatering BBQ, the chefs can offer a huge range of dishes created from fresh, locally sourced produce to delight you and your guests. We can also provide Halal and Kosher dining.