Your Wedding Ceremony

There are two essentials parts to a wedding ceremony: the venue and the vows. Although we can’t help you with the latter, we want to ensure the venue is exactly how you pictured to help create your perfect day.

The venue for your ceremony is the first thing your guests will see upon arrival, and will be the first place you – the happy couple – will stand together as one. This is why it is important you choose a location that encompasses the theme of your wedding.

Every couple desires something different from their ceremony, whether they want to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere or pull out a show stopping event with style and surprise. To ensure your ceremony ticks all of your boxes, we offer a choice of four venues, each with a little magic and ambience.

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Under the Stars

This is where you will enjoy a truly magical ceremony. Although the romance of the venue makes for an intimate setting, this is our largest venue and can hold up to 350 guests.

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Oak Pagoda

Our Oak Pagoda setting certainly has charm; combining dramatic countryside views with rustic hand crafted oak beams. This venue offers the choice between an indoor and outdoor ceremony and can accommodate around 150 guests.

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Oak Beamed Barn

Our cosy Oak Beamed Barn is perfect for couples looking for a true rural feel. With picturesque scenes and rustic beams dressed with fairy lights, this is a subtle yet stunning venue which can hold around 120 guests.


Under the Pleats

Enjoy an effortlessly stunning ceremony with up to 100 guests in our Under the Pleats area. Timeless pleats drape around the venue to create an elegant feel, and can be personalised to your wedding’s colour scheme.

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Same Sex Ceremonies