Winter Weddings

Every bride and groom has an image of how they expect their special day will unfold. Some want extravagant, lively events, whilst others yearn for a more intimate, romantic celebration. Some couples want it to be all about the guests, yet others prepare for a day all about them.

Whatever it is, the decision is yours! And a fundamental aspect of that decision is seasonality.

Are you a spring, autumn, summer, or winter couple?

Are you thinking about a winter wedding?

If you close your eyes and envisage getting married surrounded by soft snow showers, cool colour schemes and subtle yet sophisticated décor, then a winter wedding could be perfect for you.

There’s no doubt – winter weddings are something else. They offer up some of the most magical and romantic atmospheres, whilst encapsulating the vibrancy and spirit that define the season of celebration, festivity and family get togethers.

And the benefits don’t stop there.

Having a winter wedding gives you a unique opportunity to do something different with your big day. Whether you swap the bubbles for mulled wine and spiced cider or offer Christmas themed favours, like gingerbread men, or candy canes, you can plan a wedding with a beautiful and memorable twist!


Winter weddings at Heaton House Farm

Our stunning countryside venue is picture perfect all year round, but there’s something particularly special about our grounds in winter.

Whether it’s the endless sea of snow-blanketed fields or the mystical ice tipped trees, Heaton House Farm in winter is certainly an image you’ll want to see. Your own winter wonderland.

But don’t worry – you won’t have to step outside into the cold to enjoy these tranquil views! From your wedding ceremony and reception to the dining room and the evening party, with several locations housed within one gorgeous venue, you don’t have to worry about leaving the building.

Instead, enjoy a seamless wedding day in the warmth, even during winter.


Top tips for a winter wedding

We want to guarantee every couple who gets married at Heaton House Farm enjoys the day they’ve always dreamt of. Which is why we only work with the best suppliers and an award winning Event Coordinator to help make your dreams a reality.

So here are three of our favourite tips to ensure you have a winner of a winter wedding at Heaton House Farm:

  • Whether you’re channeling icy and cool or fiery and sumptuous, make sure you pick one winter theme and stick to it. Think flowers, colour schemes, bespoke lighting, and food and drink.
  • From a Christmas themed cake to winter wonderland decoration, do something a little different! Winter is the most magical season of the year, so make sure you deliver an equally magical day. But remember, just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you have to go Christmassy. We’ve had Hawaiian beach themed weddings here before – they can easily be arranged!
  • Take advantage of this season’s beauty with some gorgeous photography across our grounds. We’ll help you with timings to ensure you capture landscapes and views that leave you in awe with the setting winter sun, and create memories that will last forever.