Weekday Weddings

Whilst Saturday weddings have been and remain a long lasting tradition, over the past few years weekday weddings have become more and more popular.

But it’s no wonder, as they offer something new, something exciting, and something a little bit more intimate.


Why should you choose a weekday wedding?

Whether you want to get married on a specific date or you’re looking for a date that works for all your guests, a weekday wedding could be the most sensible option for you.

As well as improving your chances of getting your favourite wedding suppliers, from photographers to florists, weekday weddings also decrease the chances of date clashes with significant events. This is your day after all!

It’s also the perfect option if you and your partner have had your hearts set on a meaningful date. From the day you first met to the day you proposed, or on a public holiday you know all your guests will have off work!


Choosing your guest numbers

Weekday weddings are particularly great during holiday periods like Easter or Christmas as your guests are likely to have more availability. However, sometimes weekday weddings do attract smaller guest lists; perfect if you want to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. It also means you can dedicate more of your budget to each individual guest.


Our versatile wedding venue, day in, day out!

Here at Heaton House Farm, we offer flexible wedding services that can cater to your every desire. From Monday – Friday, we will ensure our venue is designed in line with your dream wedding, so you can enjoy the perfect wedding, whatever day of the week.