Spring Weddings

Your wedding day is guaranteed to be a day you remember forever, and one you’re sure to have dreamed of for some time. So it’s likely you have an idea of how you want it to turn out. Whether it’s a party from dusk until dawn with all your family and friends, or an understated evening event with a handful of your loved ones – it’s perfect if it’s perfect for you.

One thing you have to plan early – to ensure you enjoy your dream wedding – is your choice of season. Spring weddings are growing in popularity; and with such beautiful surroundings and blossoming colours to choose from, it’s no wonder!


Why should you have a spring wedding?

There’s no question about it: spring has to be one of – if not the ­­– most magical times of the year. Soft, sophisticated colours, breath-taking environments and crisp, fresh weather – it offers the perfect combination for a blissfully romantic event.

This season oozes vitality. From the birth of adorable lambs and Easter celebrations, to the blooming of gardens and flower beds – this season will truly bring your big day to life. So if you’re looking for a sprinkle of magic on your big day, then spring time could be the best way forwards.

And better yet, it’s a great time to ensure availability from all your loved ones. Whilst summer and winter weddings might leave you competing with holiday breaks, spring is often open and available in most peoples’ diaries.


Creating a consistent spring wedding theme

Even with so much choice when it comes to designing your wedding theme, spring couldn’t be easier to coordinate.

The combination of new buds in bloom with fully blossomed flowers provides you with an amazing opportunity to have some fun with your décor and bridal accessories. And you don’t have to worry about going overboard!

Whilst dark colours can often clash and quickly go wrong, there’s no limit to matching soft, light colours with one another. Each adds a sprinkle of beauty, whilst enhancing the complimentary colours.


Spring weddings at Heaton House Farm

When we think of spring weddings, we think of afternoon garden parties with picturesque lawns layered in neutral, pretty flowers, whimsical decorations, and subtle yet stunning wedding outfits. Which is why Heaton House Farm makes the perfect location.

Not only does our rustic venue have endless countryside views and lawns to accommodate you and your wedding party, but as a working farm there will be plenty of opportunities to capture the true essence of the season with lambs and nature enhancing your photographs.

You can choose from our selection of beautiful wedding areas, each with their own charming qualities that will bring your spring theme to life in a completely unique way.

And whether you want to limit your décor to the venue’s natural oak beams, or transform each room with you own seasonal touches – we are happy to accommodate to you to ensure you get your dream wedding.