The hidden value of on-site caterers

by benbjhampson-com | March 13, 2020 | Wedding Planning Guides

When you’re planning your dream wedding, the catering is always going to have a major role. After all, everyone loves to eat!

Many couples spend a lot of time focusing on getting their wedding breakfast – and their evening food – just perfect. And rightly so. It underpins the theme of your big day and is an area that guests will always talk about.

But while lots of couples focus on the type of food they’re going to serve, many overlook the importance of the caterers responsible for cooking up and serving that food.

Because on-site caterers – those who know the venue where you’re holding your wedding inside out – can make a huge difference to how your big day pans out.

On-site caterers know exactly what to expect

When you chose on-site caterers, you can rest-assured that they’ll be as familiar as possible with your wedding venue. They work there every day and they’ve likely catered for hundreds of weddings before yours.

That means they know where everything is in the kitchen, and it’s all set up to suit their working methods. They know where any additional equipment they might need is, they know exactly how the ovens work and are well aware of any other quirks that the kitchen might have.

But caterers who are brought in from outside have to learn all this on the job. There’s no familiarity, which means there’s a chance that problems might arise.

They can plan ahead

When external companies are catering your wedding, you’re relying on them having everything they need when they turn up. If it’s forgotten, then it will probably need to be done without.

That rarely happens though. What’s more likely to happen is that your external caterers need to turn up with a truck full of everything they could possible need, to ensure nothing is missed and they’re covered for every eventuality.

And that usually means a huge van. A big, ugly van. A van that might just get in the way of your guests – or worse – your wedding photos. There’s nothing worse than having the perfect backdrop ruined by the catering van that needs to get close to the venue to unload.

With on-site caterers, you don’t need to worry about that. All items can be delivered and stored before your wedding, so all delivery trucks are nowhere in sight when it comes to those memorable moments.

There’s no worry about traffics, timing or directions.

Another benefit of choosing on-site caterers is that they are always there, on-site. They work at your wedding venue day in, day out.

So there’s no concern about them getting lost, missing a turn, miscalculating traffic or arriving late. The same can’t be said about the external caterers or the food vans that you might be thinking about.

No matter how prepared they are, if they haven’t been to a venue before there could be issues with directions. And even if they know the venue well, if they need to travel from further afield on the day of the wedding – with your wedding breakfast supplies in tow – there’s always the risk of traffic or bad weather affecting their journey.

Another worry you don’t need to concern yourself with.

On-site caterers can offer you better value

And because any external caterer needs to bring everything with them, they’re likely to be limited as to the type of catering they can offer for your wedding. You might want to opt for a specific cuisine, but that may mean they need specific cooking equipment to cook it. And that equipment may not be portable.

They may be limited as to what items they can pre-prepare and transport safely. Imagine ordering 200 delicate desserts only to find they’ve all toppled over in the journey to your wedding venue?

Again, most caterers have ways to avoid this, and they’ll always mitigate risks. But that might mean you need to pay more to cover their transport and handling costs. Or that you have to pay extra if you want two different types of cuisine, one for the wedding breakfast and one of the evening food.

Absolute peace of mind

Whichever way you look at it, even when as many precautions as possible are taken, there will always be risks with an external caterer. Risks you don’t have with on-site caterers. Risks you don’t need to take for your special day.

On-site caterers offer hidden value because they take all that unnecessary stress and worry away. They don’t just deliver exceptional food, they also take great care to make sure your big day is as perfect as possible.

No concern about food. No panic about missing equipment or broken-down vans. No delivery trucks ruining wedding photos.

And, most importantly, they maintain the highest standards of health and safety in permanent kitchens. The best kitchens, the best equipment, the best food.

Stable Yard Catering, the on-site caterers at Heaton House Farm, work side by side with your event coordinator and the entire events team. We practice together, we prepare together, and we deliver the best possible wedding experience for every single couple together.

Our on-site caterers know exactly what to expect and how to deliver to the highest possible standards. And like all of us at Heaton House Farm, they truly care about helping you to have the most memorable, most perfect wedding possible, down to every little detail.

Take a closer look at Stable Yard Catering and some of their spectacular food yourself.

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