Romantic Wedding Venues: How To Makes Yours Even More Special

by benbjhampson-com | May 14, 2021 | Wedding Planning Guides

Every wedding is full of romance, and every wedding venue is romantic in its own way. Your big day is all about love. The love between you and your partner, and the love that your friends and family have for you.

There’s always room for more love, right?

Here at Heaton House Farm, we’re already one of the most romantic wedding venues in Cheshire & Staffordshire, with our cosy, rustic barns, mesmerising dance floor under the stars, and stunning sunset view.

But with a few additions and a little bit of thought, we can make our wedding venue even more romantic, and help you truly embrace the love.

Here are our top tips to make your wedding venue as romantic as possible:

1. Choose the colours and flowers that suit you

Red roses may be the iconic symbol of love, but this is your wedding, your theme, your special day. So if they’re too cheesy for you, don’t get them just because you want to be romantic!

Any flower arrangements can be romantic, there are so many to choose from. For a fairy-tale romance, think soft hues of pink, white and silver. For something more sensual, opt for deep rose and passionate red.

Whilst you’re getting flowers, rose petals are a wonderful way to add a bit of romance to a wedding venue. You could use them to line the aisle at your ceremony – great if you’re inside like in our Oak Beamed Barn – or you could do something a bit different.

Why not save them until the end of the night, and have guests throw them above your heads during the final dance?

2. Set the mood with soft lighting

Lighting is key to creating any romantic atmosphere, so be sure to check what’s possible at your wedding venue. Some may allow open candles, others might not.

Fairy lights make a wonderful addition to any venue, especially one that has a rustic feel. Wrap them around beams and pillars to create that romantic feel. We include them in our venue hire, but you might have to provide your own in other places.

Turning down the lights is a great way to add even more romance at certain times of the day too. At Heaton House Farm, we have a full lighting system in all our barns, and you can decide exactly how you’d like it; match the colours and intensity to your theme!

And why not wow your guests with sparklers on the patio as the sun sets over the hills?

3. Think about fabrics and textures

Your table cloths and table runners can also be used to add some extra romance to the day. Certain textures lend themselves to love and romance, whilst layering two pieces of cloth on top of each other adds an extra feeling of luxury.

Drapes can also be a great way to increase the romantic feel of your wedding. We include them in our venue hire because we think they’re the perfect way to soften the lighting and creating more intimate areas.

4. Pick romantic food and drink

Any wedding venue should allow you to customise your food and drink options, so don’t stick with the clichéd “chicken or beef” option, and avoid BBQs and burgers. Instead, opt for sharing platters and food that means something special to you – and encourage your guests to pass it round and talk to each other!

You might even want to serve pink champagne to keep that romance flowing.

And for the extra-intimate feel, ditch the top table and set-up a Sweetheart table in the centre of the room, just for the two of you.

5. Personalise your big day

One of the best ways to make your wedding even more romantic, and something that can be done at any venue, is to personalise it!

So maybe you’ll say your own vows at the ceremony or choose a reading that means something special to you both.

Perhaps you’ll write love letters for the morning of the wedding. Or you could write notes together at the end your ceremony, and seal them in a box – together with your favourite drink – to open on your anniversary.

And for the wedding breakfast, why not pick table names that are personal to you both – favourite films or places you’ve visited together? Or choose table numbers that represent key milestones; “3 dates until the first kiss” for example.

6. Involve your guests as much as possible

The day is 100% about you and your partner, but you might also want to share the love with all those around you, rather than having them just watch the two of you.

We love the idea of a ‘date jar’ on the gift table. Add cards or sticks for your guests to write their suggestions of possible date nights for the two of you, and have fun reading through them all on your honeymoon!

It’s almost important to have a way for guests to share their own special message with you, but you can be more romantic than a simple guest book. How about messages in a bottle? Notes of a tree? Or what about padlocks on a mini fence?

One of the great ideas we’ve seen was to have cameras on every table, with romantic shots that each group have to try and capture during the day.

7. Be sure to capture those romantic moments

Speaking of photographs, one of the most important ways to make your wedding venue even more romantic is to make sure you capture all the details to remember them later!

You’ll already have your favourite poses, and the special moments you’ll want to immortalise, but another great romantic touch is to bring photos of your parents or grandparents getting married and re-create their poses yourself!

Every wedding venue will have somewhere special for a romantic photograph too; we’ve got lots of places at Heaton House Farm! Our favourites include a sunset kiss by the fence, with the stunning views behind you, or an evening shot underneath our oak tree, lit up by festoon lighting.

And for a truly intimate, romantic venue – look no further than our private water gardens, closed off to everyone except the two of you. It’s the perfect place to steal some romantic alone time.

Want to see just how romantic a wedding at Heaton House Farm can be? Arrange a personal visit for you and your fiancé/fiancée today.

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