Making the most of a summer wedding

by benbjhampson-com | June 20, 2019 | Wedding Planning Guides

Bright skies, vibrant landscapes, longer days and the warmth of the sun bringing everyone to life: it’s easy to see why summer is the most popular season for weddings. It’s a truly beautiful time of year to tie the knot.

But despite that, you can’t rely on the weather to make your day as special as you imagined, so we wanted to give you a little inspiration and help you get the most out of your summer wedding.

Look for a venue with indoor and outdoor space

Is there anything more tormenting than being stuck inside as the sun shines down? We don’t think so. That’s why we always encourage happy couples to find a venue with outdoor space.

Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular, but there’s a lot more to it than finding a great space and getting all of your guests there. As well as the legalities involved with making sure you have licensed structure, you also need to be prepared with a backup plan should Great Britain’s unpredictable weather take a turn for the worst.

Here’s some key questions to ask when looking for outdoor venues:

  • Is this for the ceremony, the celebration, or both?
  • Is there an indoor space nearby and available in case we need it?
  • How much freedom do you have with the décor?
  • Can the space accommodate seating?
  • Is it easy to access?

We also recommend finding a venue that can give you indoor space too. While many of us claim to be sun lovers, sometimes it can get a little too much – especially if there’s a lot going on. Being able to offer your guests a shaded area or indoor space where they can take a moment to cool down and relax is a really easy yet thoughtful touch.

We have more information on the dos and don’ts of outdoor weddings here.

At Heaton House Farm we’ve worked hard over the years to transform our outdoor patio areas and Oak Pagoda. It’s a beautiful place to spill out into as soon as the sun peaks out from clouds, and with multiple doors from each of our barns, it’s easy for your guests to take immediate advantage of any nice weather (or retreat quickly if the rain starts!)

Plan some garden games

If you’re organising an outdoor wedding in the summer, why not plan some fun and engaging garden activities for all of your guests to get stuck into? As well as creating a playful and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a great way to make the most of the daylight and any stunning views that surround you.

Here at Heaton House Farm, we have a whole host of suppliers who know our venue inside out and what will and won’t work – including entertainers. If you don’t have time to find the suitable vendors or props needed for gorgeous garden games, we can do the leg work for you.

Arrange a summer feast

There are a few food and drink choices that simply scream summer, and we thought we’d share our favourites with you:

  • Prosecco and Pimms, two drinks synonymous with British summer time. Ditch the open bar and give guests access to a stand with Prosecco, Pimms and some of your other favourite drinks, and let them jazz each glass up with fruits, mixers, and edible props.
  • We can’t get enough of something sweet and sugary in the summer, and neither will your guests. So why don’t you help them cool down with a delicious cold treat like ice cream. You could even personalise the flavours to match your colour theme, or have personalised Mr & Mrs toppings.

Dress for the weather

We get it, it’s pretty hard to dress for the weather when it can be so unpredictable. That’s why we suggest giving yourself options!

While your core outfits should be suitable for the weather you’re expecting, in this case summer, make sure you have some extra clothes just in case. Look for light, breathable outfits or even plan for an outfit change should it get too hot or cold.

For brides, summer is the chance to indulge in a beautifully light, airy strapless wedding dress. Grooms meanwhile are going to want to avoid those woollen suits. Three-piece suits are a great option, because you can always drop down to just the waistcoat if it is a scorcher.

If you’re planning on getting down and dirty during the garden games, you could even bring a casual change of clothes that won’t restrict you when rolling around on the lawn.

Indulge in natural photography

We know you’ll never forget your wedding day, the magic will be imprinted into your memory. But we also know how special the wedding photography is to lots of couples. Looking back on your photos ignites those magical moments and reminds you of just how perfect your day was. That’s why finding the right setting for your wedding is so important.

Surrounded by the rolling green pastures of three different counties, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, Heaton House Farm offers breath-taking views from every angle. You and your guests can breathe in the fresh, country air whilst your photographer captures every blossoming moment in the most natural environment there is.

As well as tying into the theme and atmosphere of your day, your wedding photographs should also make the most of that wonderful summer light. This will require good timing on your photographer’s part – and maybe a bit of planning. The midday sun will cast quite a harsh light; so instead, plan on photos later on in the evening as the sun starts to set over the hills.

The natural glow will look stunning.

Plan for delicate décor

When we think of summer, we think of all things light, bright and delicate. It makes for the perfect intimate and romantic wedding setting and doesn’t demand too much in terms of décor to be able to create a picturesque surrounding.

While winter weddings are great for grand décor and stunning lighting, summer weddings require a much gentler touch. Think…

  • Floral flourishes: scatter petals around your venue to make it feel like it has been kissed by the outdoors.
  • Bright balloons: politely blowing in the summer breeze, balloons can add a subtle touch of colour to your wedding and an element of fun.
  • Practical parasols: hand out parasols to each of your guests so they can find shafe and take a moment to cool down as and when needed – and colour coordinate with your theme.
  • Rustic ribbons: as well as giving people another prop to play with and enjoy, ribbons can add accents of colour and character to your outdoor setting.

A summer wedding that packs a punch

Whether it’s that sweet sunshine, the balmy breezes or the pop of colour that fills our countryside views, we can’t get enough of summer time weddings here at Heaton House Farm. And we know you and your guests will love it too.

With everything you need in one place, we make the perfect spot for a gorgeous summer wedding.

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