Is Autumn A Good Time To Get Married?

by benbjhampson-com | September 5, 2018 | Wedding Planning Guides

As the long, hot summer draws to a close – and the traditional wedding season comes to an end – you might be thinking it’s time to hang up those dresses and put those suits away.

No more weddings until next year, right?

Well although summer is still a popular time to get married, more and more couples are choosing to skip the summer rush and tie the knot in autumn instead.

In fact, we’ve got lots of weddings planned for September, October and November, and the dates get booked up faster and faster every year.

That’s because autumn is an absolutely great time to get married. Here’s why:

Guests are unlikely to have previous commitments

The summer is a busy time for everyone. Kids are off school and out and about doing all kinds of activities, families are off on their holidays, and there are usually quite a few weddings to attend.

But in autumn, everyone’s back to their routines. Back at work, back at school, with very few commitments in the diary.

Your guests won’t be overloaded with weddings, and so will have something unique to look forward to. A stand out date on the calendar. A day they can really get excited for and something to thoroughly enjoy during those long autumn weeks leading up to Christmas.

It won’t be “too hot”

Summer weddings can be hot, sticky affairs. When you’re wearing a lovely, extravagant wedding dress that feels like you’re wrapped in a duvet, or you have a three-piece suit on – you can get very hot, very quickly.

The last thing you want is sweat dripping down your face on wedding pictures, frizzy hair or smeared make-up.

An autumn wedding gives you more options for your wedding attire. You can opt for long sleeves to cover up your arms. You don’t have to worry about a light, airy dress. Your groomsmen can comfortably wear jackets and morning suits.

There’s less chance of rain

Autumn weather is generally more predictable, and weather averages suggest there is less chance of rain in September and October.

Of course, you can never guarantee this and will always need to have a wet-weather plan, but it’s more likely you’ll have chance to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous autumn sun.

Your favourite suppliers will have more availability

If you’ve got your hearts set on specific suppliers – like a popular photographer or specialist venue dresser – then you’re far more likely to be able to book them for your wedding in September, October or November.

In the height of summer, they’re likely to be booked up well in advance.

You get even more flexibility on your wedding theme

An autumn wedding gives you so many different options for your wedding theme, your room decorations and your flowers.

Yes, you can make use of seasonal celebrations like Halloween and Bonfire Night. You can have traditional, autumnal comfort food like pies, stews, warm apple cider and mulled wine.

But you don’t have to.

Many couples think that an autumn wedding means you have to have pumpkin decorations, red leaves and hot chocolate.

In reality, an autumn wedding gives you so many different themed options to choose from. You could drag out the warmth and sunshine with an ‘Indian summer’ type wedding theme, or move towards the other end of the season and go for a cooler, winter theme.

Or you could choose something else entirely different! It’s up to you.

The colours are simply incredible

Of course, there’s a reason why September and October are in the top 3 wedding months to get married. The colours look stunning.

Bright yellows, deep reds, burnt oranges. They all go perfectly with an autumn wedding. Your flowers will really stand out – especially if you opt for seasonal ones – like tulips and chrysanthemums.

The lighting just works

Your photographer will thank you for having an autumn wedding too. The autumn light – softer, more dispersed – just works perfectly for wedding photographs.

If you time them with the setting sun, they will be absolutely fantastic, especially when you have a backdrop like the rolling countryside at Heaton House Farm.

You’ll get a better deal on your honeymoon!

We’re all about saving you money and maximising your budget, so how could we not mention this one?

Holidays in autumn are far, far cheaper than during the summer. You’ll get lots more options for much better prices – and you don’t have to worry about busy destinations full of families and kids.

It makes for a much more romantic honeymoon.

  • Heaton House Farm is amazing in Autumn

Our countryside venue on the borders of Cheshire and Staffordshire looks fantastic all year round, but in autumn, the setting is truly magical.

You get a warm, cosy barn and some wonderful views across the countryside – illuminated by that gorgeous autumn sun.

It’s a great place to make use of the outdoors to really enjoy the autumn weather, but we can also always ensure you have a plan in place for a great indoor wedding too – just in case!

Why not book a showaround at Heaton House Farm for September, October or November, to see what your autumn wedding could really look like?

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