How To Plan Your Perfect, Last Minute Wedding

by hillsgreen | December 23, 2021 | Wedding Planning Guides

You’ve been dreaming about your big day for as long as you can remember. From creating the perfect invitations to sealing your union in your dream location, and everything in between. There’s a lot to think about and even more to organise, which is why many couples set aside at least 12 months to pull it all together.

But not everyone has the luxury of time. Whether it’s work constraints, family pressures, or personal milestones, you may be looking to say those two magical words without a second to spare. And we’d love to help make that happen.

Planning a last-minute wedding doesn’t have to be complete chaos. With a little savvy organisation and a clear focus on your goals, there’s no reason you won’t be able to execute your fairy-tale wedding in as little as six months.

In this ultimate guide, we explore each crucial element of a beautiful wedding day and tips on how to get it right – quickly!

The All-Important Budget

This should be the first conversation between any couple to be, whether you’re spending six months planning your big day, or six years.

But if you’re planning a quick, last-minute wedding, you’ll have less time to save, so budgeting is even more important.

Setting your overall budget allows you to stay on track for the rest of the planning process. Once you have a budget, you can start to prioritise what’s most important to you and your loved one. Then you can start to decide what percentage of your budget will be spent where.

The Wedding Date And Your Perfect Venue

One of the most important elements of any wedding is the venue. It sets the mood, creates the atmosphere you desire, and gives your loved ones a comfortable space to enjoy and celebrate your marriage to one another.

Quite often, your dream venues will be taken on your perfect date. So be a little bit flexible with your date, like moving your big day to a Sunday, and increase your chances of getting your venue.

You can also save time by scheduling your ceremony and reception at the same spot. Venues like Heaton House Farm with multiple rooms and spaces will be perfect for you as you can move seamlessly from one to the other without having to worry about transport for all of your guests.

We’ve put together a separate guide to finding your last-minute wedding venue.


Intimate Invitations

Invitations are a great way to begin your wedding story for your guests. They offer a peek into the theme you’re trying to achieve with your big day, and ignite the initial flame of excitement amongst your loved ones.

But they can take up valuable time and money designing, creating, sending and waiting for the RSVP. For couples planning a last-minute wedding, online invitations are a great alternative.

Consider sending personal emails to your guests, or even create a Facebook event so people can RSVP immediately. As well as being a time-efficient, hassle-free solution, this option also gives you a channel to communicate directly with each of your guests – perfect if you have to let them know about a sudden change.

If you want to make your invites that little bit more intimate, invite all of your guests to a lunch or dinner and ask them face to face.

Finding Suppliers

Think food, flowers, entertainment etc.

The best vendors are quite often booked a year or so in advance, so getting the suppliers you have your eyes set on, in such short notice, might not be all that easy.

To get around this, try having your wedding on a less popular day, like Friday or Sunday. Or work with a venue that has all the right connections. Most venues will have a selection of incredible suppliers they know you can rely on, and might have the relationship you need to ensure they’re available on short notice! Trusted, local suppliers are a great place to start, as they can often promise the best quality and the quickest responses.

When it comes to the flowers, there are a few handy ways to save time and money! There is something magical about having your chosen flowers scattered around the venue and elegantly decorating your bridal party. It’s these little flourishes that help create such an idyllic environment, and a local, top quality florist will be able to help you design stunning bouquets and floral decorations in no time at all.

They key is to spend a little extra time in the preparations:

  • – Research, research, research. Find local florists that aren’t going to break the bank. Reaching out to florists that weren’t necessarily on the top of your list might also boost your chances of finding someone at such short notice.


  • – Consider asking for recommendation on Facebook. The top-quality suppliers should get back to you quickly and tell you if they can help.


  • – Firm up your details. A lot of time can be spent working with the florist to establish your budget, style and time demands. By setting out all of these details ahead of time and communicating exactly what you want and when, will help you skip some of the back and forth!

If a florist isn’t for you, why not do it yourself? Simply decide which flowers will complement your theme and style, and set out in buying a few yourself to help brighten the venue. Although it might not be as extravagant as a full display, small flourishes here and there will add hints of magic to your venue.

For food, ideally you’ll want to find a venue that has already has a team of caterers on-site. Like Heaton House Farm and Stable Yard Catering. They’ll know exactly what needs doing and how soon menus need to be arranged, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

And you don’t need to be traditional with a three course, sit down meal either. Why not cut the menu planning time and go for unique sharing dishes instead to create a great atmosphere whilst delivering delicious food?

The Outfits 

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the bridal wardrobe. But whilst it’s easy to focus on what you and your loved one want, and make sure it’s fit to size in time for your special day, it’s not quite as simple to do the same for your bridal party.

So here’s some top tips on how to get them suited, booted and ready to impress.


Getting all the groomsmen available on the same day and in the same room for a fitting is a challenge in itself – especially if they already have their hands full with work or a family.

So make it easy on everyone and save time whilst you’re at it. Once you have the groomsmen, simply choose a common colour for your suits and ask them to pick their own. If you’re planning a last-minute wedding, it’s much easier to let them find their own suit.

You could also pick a local store, choose the suit you’d like, and ask them all to get their own whenever they get chance. Independent shops can often guarantee you a quick turnaround and you can rely on their top-quality service.

Of course, you and your best friends won’t get to enjoy the fun and excitement of trying on the suits together, but there are some special touches they can all enjoy from a distance…

– Pick out a selection of waistcoats, cufflinks or ties that match your colour scheme, and let them decide which they’d like to wear.

– Ask each friend to film the fitting and incorporate this into your wedding video.

– Create a suit fitting hamper, filled with goodies your groomsmen might enjoy.



The latest trend to dress your bridesmaids in different frocks is a gift for couples trying to plan a last-minute wedding. Gone are the days of finding one style and colour suited to all your special ladies, which can sometimes be a significantly time-consuming task.

Let your bridesmaids find their dream dress, with just a little guidance from you. Consider giving them one colour so they can pick their favourite shade or give them a range of colours to choose from.

If your maids are also finding it difficult to set aside some time to go shopping all together, why not choose one day where they can all come together and try on their picks together?

The Photographer

Finding the right photographer can be a challenge. You want to know that they’re going to capture the real essence of your big day, and deliver beautiful memories you and your loved ones can remember forever.

So, just because you might be in a rush, don’t forget to vet. Call around for references, spend time looking at their previous work, and look online for reviews. It’s time well spent, even for last-minute wedding preparations. If you don’t get the right vibe, don’t be afraid to say no and look elsewhere.

Going into this process with at least 5 possible photographers in mind will speed up the process and cushion the blow if one isn’t available.

A personal alternative to your wedding photography is to have your guests be in charge. Give them all disposable cameras to carry and ask them to capture their favourite moments throughout the day.

Making It All Happen

Planning a wedding is never plain sailing. So adding a time restraint to an already bumpy ride is definitely going to be a little eventful. But don’t let it ruin the magic.

This is supposed to be the most beautiful time of your lives, and just because you haven’t got all the time in the world planning it, doesn’t mean it has to be any less intimate.

Take a breath, relax and use our helpful guide to get things done and we’re sure you will be able to create your perfect last-minute wedding in no time at all.

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