How to celebrate your original wedding date

by benbjhampson-com | June 2, 2020 | Wedding Planning Guides

You’re fasting approaching your original wedding date, but you know by now that your plans for that day – the perfect venue, the big get-together and the day-long celebrations -won’t happen anymore.

Not liked you planned anyway. But just because you can’t have the original wedding you wanted, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate your wedding on the original date.

Your almost wedding. Or, it could still be your actual wedding if you like, and the rearranged date could be your second wedding.

You’re not alone. Thousands of other couples have all had their weddings rescheduled because of Coronavirus. The best advice we can give is to embrace it. You can’t change it, so make the most of it.

Celebrate your original wedding date. Still have a wonderful day – just a different one than you might have envisaged. Here are our top 15 ways to spend your wedding day during lockdown.


Get your wedding outfits on

The first step is to get dressed up. Either in your original wedding outfits, or, if you want to save that bridal gown for the rescheduled date, another special dress.

If you’ve been working from home recently you’ll know that what you’re wearing sets your mood and intentions for the day.

So get dolled up, get pants on for the first time in weeks, and put the effort in to impress your other half.


Order deliveries to your home

Ahead of your original wedding date, get on Amazon or other websites offering delivery and get some essential party items ordered. Whatever you fancy to decorate your home.

If you’ve made orders with your suppliers that may go to waste, ask if they can deliver to your home too. You may not be able to get to your original wedding, but you can bring a large part of it to you.

Friends and family might also want to send special items to you to help you celebrate.


Hold a virtual blessing

You might not be able to official get married using virtual technology like Zoom just yet (unless you live in New York State), but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hold a blessing ceremony. Clear the front room, set up a nice little area, and turn on your laptop.

You could even:


Get your best friend to officiate

You probably won’t be able to get a registrar, but you may be able to reach out to other local officials to say a few words in a blessing ceremony. Or you could turn the proceedings over to a close friend or family member to make things really personal. They could be funny, they could be sweet, they could be anything… just enjoy the moment!


Set up a Zoom reception

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Zoom – whatever you want to use to video call all your friends and family at the same time. Get them all dressed-up in special outfits and all on camera at the same time.

You might have them all watching your virtual blessing, or you might just have a dedicated hour where you all get together – the choice is yours.

If you’re going big and having a Zoom call for much of the day – we recommend getting others to setup separate, smaller Zoom rooms too. Think of them like tables at your wedding. That way, you can leave your friends and family catching up and hop between calls to chat with smaller groups.


Take photos to remember your original wedding date

It might not be the day you imagined, but it will still be a day to remember. So make sure you document it – especially if you’re celebrating in full wedding outfits and making the most of your original wedding day.

If you decorated your home, you’ve got the perfect backdrop. If you’ve not, you’ve still got a perfect backdrop – the home you share together. Get the selfie stick out or put the timer on your phone and snap some shots you’ll always treasure.

You could even go for your daily exercise in your wedding attire and take some photos outside too. You may find some photographers will be prepared to call round and take some shots of your both – from a safe social distance – in your front garden, or in a local park. A porch photo shoot perhaps?


Walk around the neighbourhood

While you’re all dressed up – take a stroll outside and celebrate with your neighbours. If you plan ahead, you’ll find many will stand in their doorways and give you a huge cheer and round-of-applause as you walk past.

You may find family members standing on street corners or in local parks – maintaining their social distance – to wave you on too.

Share a recipe with friends and family

Your catering plans for your original wedding may have changed, but you could still bring a part of that to your new celebrations. If you had a special canape or a unique dish planned, why not get the recipe and share it with everyone – encouraging them all to make it at the same time and joining you in eating together?

Or if you had a special cocktail in-mind, share instructions on how to create it and have all your guests propose a toast at a special time.


Treat yourself to a big, delicious cake – or bake one together!

You were probably looking forward to your wedding cake too. Well, don’t torment yourself over what might have been – just indulge.

If your wedding cake was ordered and waiting to be delivered, get it sent to your home. If you’ve managed to postpone, get another delicious cake from the supermarket or bake your own with your other half!

You’ve probably been watching what you eat for months waiting for this day. So celebrate and treat yourself just this once, and then keep up the good work ahead of your rearranged date.

Practice your first dance

You’ve been given the gift of extra time for your wedding day now, so use your original date to work on your dance moves.

Put your first dance track on and celebrate together. Then why not see if you can’t plan a little routine – rather than the traditional sway – something to perfect over the next few months until your new date.

Relive your other meaningful dates

Your original wedding day will always be an important date in your lives together, just like all those other dates that mean so much.

So mark the occasion by remembering the days that brought you to this point. The first time you met, your first date, first kiss, engagement date. This is one more day for the calendar.

Share some meaningful words together

You don’t have to have a big celebration to celebrate your original wedding date. You could just take some time during the day to privately share your vows together, with the person you love most.

Or you could send each other hand-written letters, or even just read the lyrics to your favourite song together. Anything that showcases your love to each other.

Have a romantic night-in

If ever there was a time for a date-night, this is it. If you want to save the celebrations with friends and family for your new date, then simply use your original wedding day as a time when you switch off from everything else.

Plan a lunch or dinner alone together, dress up, get the wine out, turn off your phones and just enjoy each other’s company.


 Give your planned speeches

Whether as a dry-run or the real thing, why not ask your guests to take the lead on Zoom and deliver their speeches? They could be tailored for the current situation, or they could be just as intended.


Toast to the future

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, take a moment on your original wedding day to simply reflect on your lives together, to this point, and the future in front of you.

It might not be how you thought your original wedding would look like, but think how lucky you still are. This is just one more step on your journey together, one more moment on the lives you share.

You will still have the wedding of your dreams. So pop the champagne, raise a glass, and look forward to a bright, happy future together.

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