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by sarah | August 13, 2015 | Wedding Planning Guides

Welcome to the fourth instalment of the supplier focus blog! Today the lovely recommended supplier that we are going to feature is wedding cake extraordinaire ‘For Goodness Cakes’.

Now we can all personally vouch for the delicious-ness of their cakes, as generously Sue always bakes us a batch of cupcakes whenever she drops off one of her elegant designs at the venue. We all look forward to her visits!

Cakes are a tricky business, they must both look and taste incredible and ‘For Goodness Cakes’ have mastered this challenging art. They provide a bespoke design service, with customer involvement from the start in the flavour and theme of the cake. There is also an array of fabulous style of cake including stacked cupcakes, tiered cakes and their exclusive chandelier cake.

Photo on left by Andy Keher Photography, photos on right by Jonny Draper Photography

Only quality ingredients are used and they are locally sourced wherever possible, so no artificial additives or preservatives!

So lets hear from ‘For Goodness Cakes’….

What is your company motto and/or mission statement?

“Cakes that taste as good as they look”

How did you get into your profession?

My mum is a self-confessed terrible baker. When I was young I remember that my mum’s cakes used to have a habit of sinking badly in the middle like a volcano. This crater would then be filled with icing so it would disguise the mistake until the cake was cut. I remember from an early age that I was promoted to the household cake maker. I discovered that I loved making cakes and being creative decorating them. Unfortunately in our house cake making was not considered to be a career choice and baking was put on the back burner whilst I followed different career path. I graduated as a chemist and worked as a pharmaceutical research chemist in a global drug company for 20 years.

When my son was born nine years ago baking came back into my life. This was in the form of baking with him and of course doing the annual themed birthday cake and running the cake stall at school. I discovered I had a natural talent for baking but I was really surprised when people assumed that cake making was what I did for a living. People started ordering cakes from me and my baking hobby quickly grew. The Pavilion Gardens in Buxton tried some of my cakes and they began ordering cakes and scones from me on a weekly basis for their café and coffee bar. Within a couple of years I was beginning to struggle with working full time as a chemist and then coming home to bake and complete orders. Luckily for me, this coincided with my company downsizing and offering redundancy, which I took. My hobby took its natural position as my full time job and I’ve not looked back since.

Photos by Andy Keher Photography
Photos by Andy Keher Photography

What motivates you to work hard?

Having an incredibly full diary, the love of making people happy and the inability to say no!

Professionally, what is your proudest accomplishment?

Overall I’m proud that I was brave enough to take redundancy and decide that I could go it alone and make my hobby into a successful business.

On an individual cake basis, I’m very proud of the Hanging Chandelier Cake. A bride messaged me last year with a picture of a chandelier cake with the request “can you make me this?”. I must admit until this time I’d never really looked into them before, but I knew that they were big in the States. I found that the hanging system was available in the USA but not in the UK . I love a challenge, and I hate saying no, so me and my husband (who’s an engineer) sat down with the picture of this cake and designed a framework that would make it possible. I got back in touch with the bride and explained that I could do the hanging cake but only if her wedding was a period of time away so that I could arrange the framework to be made. At this point she replied that she’d sent the picture of the cake because she loved the design of it, but didn’t actually want it hanging but presented as a normal 3 tier cake!. We had a bit of a laugh about it and then decided that because it was so different and nobody else in the region could make these cakes that I’d go ahead and try to make it happen. It was a real team effort. My husband designed and made the mechanism that holds the cake up, and the frame that the cake is hung from was made by a local blacksmith. I love this cake. It has a real wow factor about it and now that people have seen it it’s proving very popular

What is the best thing about working with Heaton House Events?

I love the overall feel of Heaton House. As soon as you walk through the door you know it’s a very special place. The people are lovely and friendly but are also incredibly professional, organised and passionate about what they do. I always look forward to being part of a wedding at Heaton House Farm and know that everybody involved will be walking round with big smiles on their faces.

Heaton House Farm Recommended Supplier - For Goodness Cake (4)Do you have a top tip for clients?

My top tip would be to book early. I know people suggest that you can book your cake maker 6 months before the wedding, but if you would like your cake to be provided by a small independent business then dates get booked up very quickly especially for high season. Any good cake maker will be able to make you exactly what you want, and shouldn’t really need to know what your exact requirements will be on booking. I always suggest booking the date in the diary first and then you can look for cake ideas and designs over a period of months without worrying about who’s going to make it.

What was your first job?

My first job was as a Saturday girl in Greggs the bakers. I would never have guessed that my career would go full circle and in the end I’d have my own baking business.

Do you have a party trick?

Not really, although I do have weird ankles! When I sit on the floor with my legs out straight I can bend my ankles right over so that my toes touch the floor. That looks a bit freaky!

Photos by Andy Keher Photography
Photos by Andy Keher Photography

Thanks ‘For Goodness Cakes’, it’s wonderful to hear your inspiring story. We love that your career has gone full circle, but we aren’t sure how we feel about that party trick, we might not ask to see that one!

To learn more about the design and service you will receive at For Goodness Cakes, go to their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

Next month we will be sharing the mystical world of magic with you!

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