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What is an usher/usherette and what are their duties?

by Events • October 6, 2023 • Wedding Planning Guides

The term usher came from movie theatres, they employed staff called ushers who showed the guests to their seats before the show began! This then transitioned into weddings for a member of the party to show guests to their seats before the ceremony took place and became established as their main role and responsibility.  

An usher/usherette has less responsibility than a groomsman or a bridesmaid, they don’t typically wear the same suits or dresses. However, it is a great way to include close friends or family members in your wedding, without extending your groomsmen or bridal party.

Depending on the number of guests you have attending your ceremony, you may want to ask a few more ushers/usherettes to ensure the seating for the ceremony goes as smoothly as possible. Top tip: we advise asking ushers/usherettes who know your VIP guests so they can point them to the correct seats!

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Do I need an usher/usherette?

Not really, no… You can always ask your groomsmen to help with this instead. They will be there to assist your guests in taking their seats, ensuring those important seats at the front are saved and reserved for the immediate bridal party. Your groomsmen will recognise the faces of your nearest and dearest to know who should be closer to the front.

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Alternatively, you can provide ceremony reserved seating tags for the chairs. We will place these on the correct chairs for you, which makes it very easy for your guests to see what seats are reserved and which are available. However, we do not recommend reserving seats for your whole guest list, only your VIP guests such as close family members and bridesmaids/groomsmen.

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Get in touch with our events team if you would like our reserved ceremony template sent to you. This will allow you to start planning where your VIP guests are going to be sat during your ceremony. You can either use this document as a guide while you are creating ceremony reserved signs, or you can fill it in for your Coordinator to hand to your usher/usherette before seating guests, this way if they are not entirely sure of everyone’s faces and names, they have a sheet to hand to help them along the way!

Other than seating the guests… are there any other important jobs they may need to do?

Depending on the weather and the location at our beautiful venue where you and your photographer would like your confetti photo to happen. Your usher/usherettes may help by handing out the confetti to your guests just before this takes place. You may choose to have your bio-degradable confetti in bags, cones, or a basket. Don’t worry your Event Coordinator will be on hand to help your ushers/usherettes with any tasks you may give them.

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Are you busy planning your wedding with us? Why not reach out to our Event Coordinators and we can send over our helpful FAQs again to you.