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View Your Wedding Venues Before The New Year’s Rush

by Olivia • December 1, 2021 • Wedding Planning Guides

Did you know that Christmas Day is one of the most popular days of the year for couples to get engaged? It’s closely followed by New Year’s Eve.

Love is in the air, everyone is off work and ready to relax, and there’s time to start thinking about what your dream wedding could actually be like.

New Year = Busy Wedding Venues

In practice, that means that wedding venues get very busy after the New Year. All those couples who have just gotten engaged are eager to start looking at places where they can get married as soon as possible.

And those couples who got engaged at some point last year? Well, the New Year and a new start usually gives them the push to start looking too.

So come January, some venues can get very busy with couples wanting to book showarounds and a look at what the place offers.

If you’re already engaged, why wait until the New Year to view your venue? Here are 4 reasons why now is the best time to come and look around.

1. Avoid the crowds

When you’re viewing your dream wedding venue, the last thing you want is people getting in the way of your vision.

You want to be able to take your time to explore every part of the place that could be hosting the most magical day of your life. You want to visit every area, ask questions as and when they arise, and get a full, interrupted picture of how you could transform the venue and make it your own.

This is always so much harder to do when there are lots of people around. Small places that you might want to look into get crowded. There’s often someone stood blocking your view. And it’s more difficult to get staff’s attention.

And also: you don’t want to ask a question about something you have mind, and have someone else steal your idea, do you?

Some venues – like Heaton House Farm – will guarantee you a showaround, so you’ll always get a personal, guided tour of the venue with a dedicated team member to ask questions. But there are only so many tours that can be held in one day, and in the New Year, they book up fast.

So if you want more freedom on dates and flexibility in avoiding crowds, visit your venue before the New Year.

2. Use the Christmas period for planning

If you do get chance to visit venues on your shortlist before the New Year, you can then use the time both you and your partner have off around Christmas to do some serious planning.

Once you’ve seen all the venues you want, you can choose your favourite. You’ll have the time to spend weighing up all the different benefits and decide which you love most. It’s a big decision, so at least you won’t have to worry about work commitments whilst you’re thinking.

Plus, when you’ve chosen your venue, you can then turn your attention to planning other parts of your wedding. You’ll likely be seeing all your friends and family between Christmas and New Year, so you can start asking their opinions and maybe sit down with them to get stuck into the details of your big day.

With more time on your hands, you’ll be able to start exploring catering, photography and venue dressing ideas.

3. Get the best dates

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to view a wedding venue before the New Year is to secure your preferred wedding date.

The most popular dates to get married on fill up fast. And we mean very fast.

If you wait until 2019 to view a wedding venue – and you’re visiting at the same time as dozens of other couples who have gotten engaged that Christmas – then they’ll be fierce competition for summer dates and other special occasions.

But if you come to look around before the New Year and you fall in love with a venue, you’ll have a head start on the crowds. You can get in there and reserve your favourite date before other couples start to visit.

If you’ve got a specific date in mind, then the sooner you can view your preferred wedding venue, the better.

4. See our Christmas shop

If Heaton House Farm is one of the venues on your shortlist, then you should definitely plan on visiting before the New Year.

Not only will you get a quieter time to explore the venue at your own pace – and secure your favourite date before the rush – but you’ll also get to visit our amazing Christmas Shop.

It’s really popular – people come from all across the area just to see the shop! – and it gets bigger every year.

So after you’ve seen what could well be the perfect place for you to get married, you can stop by our Christmas Shop and get yourself an amazing Christmas Tree, pre-order a delicious Christmas Turkey and pick up some wonderful Wincle Beer!

What are you waiting for? Request a brochure and start your planning with us now.