Tying The Knot Over The Christmas Period – Is It A Good Idea?

by sarah • December 7, 2021 • Wedding Planning Guides

You’ve just gotten engaged and you’re starting to think about when you want to get married. One of you floats the idea: Should we get married at Christmas or New Year?

It’s a great question. A wedding over the holiday period between Christmas and New Year can be truly wonderful, and it’s not typically a time associated with couples getting married – so it’s likely to be a unique choice amongst friends and family.

But is it a good idea?

Make sure you like the idea of a winter wedding

Firstly, you’ll want to be sure you’d both like a winter wedding. If you’ve got your heart set on a glorious summer wedding with glowing green trees and the warm sun beating down, then a Christmas wedding is definitely not for you.

But if you like the thought of a winter wedding, then a date between Christmas and New Year could be a great option for you.

You’ll get all the wonderful benefits of winter themes, winter colours and winter weather, along with some other great positives too:

The benefits of a wedding over the Christmas Holidays

It’s a near universal holiday time for your guests

The period between Christmas and New Year is a time the vast majority of your guests will have off work. Of course, some will have to take time off especially, but most of your friends and family will already have that period free from commitments in advance.

And that’s true if you’re inviting guests from abroad too. Bank holidays are specific to this country, but the Christmas period is a time that’s celebrated all over the world.

Families are already likely to be travelling to come home, so a wedding over this period gives them all a chance to get together in one place.

You can let in the New Year with fireworks

If you decide you’d like to get married on New Year’s Eve, you’ll get to welcome the New Year in with a big bang. And you can celebrate with fireworks too.

Pick a venue with stunning views like Heaton House Farm, and you could watch fireworks erupt from all across Cheshire and Staffordshire.

We even allow you to set off your own fireworks on New Year’s Eve, one of the few times of year where this is possible.

You might get a great deal

Because the time between Christmas and New Year isn’t traditionally associated with weddings, you might also be able to get a great deal on your favourite venue.

If they’re not hosting special Christmas parties or other corporate events, many venues will have different prices for weekdays as opposed to weekends. Your friends and family are likely to be off work during the holidays, and the venue might be quiet – so you could snap up a weekday date.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

You can expect a great atmosphere

 It’s Christmas! And then it’s New Year! Everyone’s spirits are high during this time, everyone is in relaxation and then party mode.

Lots of people will be off work for a few days, everyone will be eager to let their head down, and spirits will be really high!

You could enjoy free Christmas decorations

 Because it’s Christmas, you won’t be surprised to find that lots of venues will put up Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

As these are already installed for the period, you shouldn’t need to pay extra to have them as part of your wedding, a lovely backdrop for your photos. At Heaton House Farm for example, we put up an amazing 14 foot real Christmas Tree every year!

Of course, there are some things to prepare for with a Christmas wedding

Whilst there’s a small chance of getting snow during the period between Christmas and New Year – which would make your wedding look absolutely amazing – there’s a greater likelihood of rain. But if your wedding is at a venue like Heaton House Farm, with loads of space indoors, you don’t need to worry about bad weather.

For some families, Christmas is an occasion for them to get away and spend some quality time together. Many plan holidays for the period between Christmas and New Year, either in the UK or abroad.

Some just make sure that week is kept free of all plans, so they can spend it together.

A wedding is likely to be an exception to this, and your guests should be willing to change plans to celebrate with you, but it’s important to bear this in mind.

So what do you think?

Is the Christmas and New Year period a good time for you to get married?

If it is, why not come and see Heaton House Farm at this time of year, in advance, so you can imagine exactly what your dream wedding could look like?