Staff Sports Night

by Olivia • September 13, 2023 • Heaton House Team

After a busy year of weddings and events, it was time for our team to celebrate a successful year of working together as a big family- sports day style!

On a sunny evening earlier this month, we swapped our uniforms for sports gear to put our competitive spirits to the test by taking part in Tug of War, rounders and a very tense bouncy space hopper and sack race…

As soon as our staff members arrived, we were split into teams of various colours: pink, blue, green and yellow. Teams were formed of staff members from all three companies at random- Heaton House Farm, Stableyard Catering and The Knot Inn which allowed everyone to get to know other staff members whom they may not work with on a day-to-day basis. Team members wore sweatbands to indicate which team they were part of (as soon as these were on tension between the teams got high!) and the games soon began!

Before competing, all teams completed a warm-up instructed by our sports night referee, Olivia. After warming up, the games began! Having multiple staff members experienced in Tug O’ War with the Young Farmers, the competition was hard to beat. After a few rounds of rounders (and arguments regarding the rules!) it was time for the much-anticipated space hopper and sack race where there were multiple tumbles but many more giggles from everyone working together to become the first team to cross the line victoriously.

Once the games finished, we were quick to rehydrate and group together for the crowning of the winning team: THE GREEN TEAM! After tremendous victories in rounders and the Tug O’ War, the green team pocketed points to win overall. Well done, Green Team!

To finish the night off, we enjoyed delicious food prepared by our talented chefs such as lasagne, salads and a firm favourite, arancini! We also filled up on ice cream from Vitaliano’s Ice Cream alongside scrumptious desserts. We also celebrated the anniversaries of staff who have been working with us for multiple years being part of what makes the weddings and events which have been held over the years run smoothly from start to finish.

All staff members can agree that it was the most fun night and they could also admit that a competitive side to us all came out! It was great having the team together for a night of fun, laughter and spending time together after a great year of events.