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How do you stay cool at a summer wedding?

by sarah • May 7, 2022 • Wedding Planning Guides

When you picture your summer wedding, what do you see?

Sun-kissed backdrops as you and your partner share those all-important special words? Bright bouquets bringing your venue to life? Fruity cocktails enjoyed outside in the sunshine?

Or does your mind dart straight to the undeniable hot flushes and summer sweats that come hand in hand with our warmest season? You know, running makeup, dropping hair and embarrassing marks on your wedding gown.

These summer challenges are inevitable if you’re tying the knot on a hot summer’s day, but there are certainly lots of ways to prevent and minimise them, and to ensure you enjoy a cool, catastrophe-free day even in the midst of a heatwave.


We’re always being told to dress for the weather. Usually, it’s when it’s -2°C outside. But the same goes for when it’s sweltering hot.

As much as we believe that every bride and groom should be able to wear whatever they want on their big day, we also think it’s crucial that you dress for the weather too. For example, gowns with a large, full skirt can be extremely heavy and because of the layers, hot. Equally, fitted mermaid dresses don’t offer much breathing room. Both of these styles are stunning, but they might be a bit warm.

Instead, opt for an A-line or something a little more relaxed like a bohemian style dress. For the groom and groomsmen, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of wool-based suits. Three-pieces – or even just a waistcoat and trousers – are a great way to reduce the burden whilst still remaining smart, handsome and dashing.

If you have your heart set on a big, theatrical gown as well as a summer day celebration, then why not have a second outfit for after the ceremony? This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Whether you’re having a wedding ceremony outside, or simply just the wedding party, it’s important you have a look around the venue for suitable spots for people wanting to hide from the sun.

This could be anything from a collection of trees offering some shade to a pagoda, as long as people have options when the sun starts hitting down strong.

If you’re worried about having enough shaded areas for you and your guests, why don’t you offer out umbrellas and large sun hats to help combat the problem. Make sure you speak to your venue in advance about what they can offer. At Heaton House Farm, we have plenty of large parasols we can put out on our patio for summer weddings.


For a lot of couples, the wedding party is a crucial part of their big day and they dedicate themselves to ensure the fun keeps flowing. A lot of the time, that means an evening filled with wine, cocktails and even a few cheeky shots.

As temperatures rise though, it is important that your guests remember to stay hydrated. A great way to gently remind people to keep the H2O intake high, is through drinks stations dotted around your venue.

We love the idea of decorating pitchers brimming with hydrating fruits like melon, strawberries and cucumber to gently flavour the iced water.

A fruity elderflower fizz, made with blueberries, elderflower and sparkling water, is also a delicious, special and hydrating beverage that your guests are sure to love.


When it comes to your wedding food, opt for something a little lighter. After all, you want guests feeling fresh, cool and ready to party!

If you have your heart set on a three-course meal, make sure you choose a menu that caters to the warmer weather. Here are some of our favourite lighter dishes, perfect for hot days:

For a cold sweet treat during the drinks reception, how about an ice-cream truck? They’re lots of fun and let’s be honest, what better way is there to cool down? Check out our sweet treat supplier here.


Summer is one of our favourite times for weddings, especially at Heaton House Farm as our picturesque backdrop comes to life when the rays of sun nestle across the hills. And we want you to be able to enjoy the venue as much as we do.

With these straightforward and fun tips to tackle those hot summer days, we’re certain you’ll be able to have your dream wedding no matter how warm it is.

If your hearts are set on a scorching, summer wedding (as much as you can predict that in this country), you may want to look for a venue that offers you plenty of cool space to relax on your big day. As well as our shaded outdoor areas, you’ll also find that our large, historic barns provide a surprisingly cool environment on those hot sunny days.

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