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Farm Wedding Décor: Inspiring Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Celebration

by Olivia • August 20, 2023 • Wedding Planning Guides

If you’re thinking of getting married on a farm, then the chances are you’ll already be planning out your farm wedding décor.

You’ll have an idea of all the rustic wedding decorations you’d like to incorporate and some key farm themes you’d like to bring to life. And we’re right there with you.

There’s nothing more wonderful, more picture-perfect, than a wedding infused with charm, warmth and a touch of nostalgia, all courtesy of that rustic wedding décor.

Which is exactly why we’ve shared some of our own ideas to help inspire your own celebration that mirrors the beauty of our farm and the surrounding countryside.

Getting started with farm-inspired wedding déc

A rustic-themed wedding is all about simple styling that draws as much influence and inspiration from nature as possible. And décor for a farm wedding should take that inspiration even further.

We’re talking about anything that makes you think about the rural way of life – tractors and haybales, wooden logs and hessian cloth, acorns and pinecones, wellies and barns.

If it’s natural, then the chances are it’ll fit right at home with any ideas you have for a rustic wedding theme.

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The key materials for any rustic theme

When it comes to rustic décor for any picture-perfect celebration – big or small – there are several key materials that you’ll need. You can use all of these to style your special day in hundreds of different ways: 

Taking advantage of your natural surroundings

There’s no better way to emphasise a country wedding than by taking advantage of the farm’s natural surroundings. You might want to think about:

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Styling your farm wedding barn

When it comes to creating the rustic décor for your ceremony, you’ll want to think about seating arrangements, natural archways and quaint additions scattered throughout the room.

For seating, picture wooden chairs – or even wooden benches. Or, adorn chairs with hessian bows or covers to bring that outdoorsy feeling into your venue.

For the walls, opt for wicker or more hessian to create gorgeous backdrops of natural fabric. You could add fairy lights, flowers, or any other natural seasonal elements (think olive branches, bay leaves, acorns, hazelnuts… the list is endless).

Carry that rustic styling over to the wooden beams of your barn and to your wedding aisle. We love the idea of natural plinths – logs or barrels – each topped with a stunning floral arrangement.

And for the focal point of your ceremony, a natural wedding arch could provide a striking backdrop for your vows. Imagine a birch wood arch draped with sheer fabric, adorned with blooms and vines for a whimsical touch. Or use old wooden barrels, wooden ladders or even reclaimed barn doors to build your own uniquely rustic arch.

Embracing green foliage and pastel blooms

Flowers and foliage are central to any farm wedding décor, offering countless opportunities to create an enchanting atmosphere and rustic feel for your big day. Think:

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Adding rustic flourishes to your wedding breakfast

Extend the farm wedding décor into your guests’ dining experience with centrepieces, table cards and place settings that embrace those natural, earthy themes.

We love rustic-styled seating charts made from cork or hessian cloth, wooden slabs used as placemats for centrepieces and mini slices of logs – decorated with moss – and each guest’s name handwritten on it, in place a name cards.

A wooden bar is an absolute must for the picture-perfect reception too, but we’ve already got you covered there at Heaton House Farm.

Illuminating your farm wedding with romantic lighting

The final touch for any rustic wedding décor is the lighting. Get it right, and you’ll set the mood for a romantic, country-themed wedding.

Imagine hanging fairy lights, old-fashioned Edison bulb strings, or chandeliers from tree branches or wooden beams creating a magical atmosphere throughout your farm venue. You could even source quirky rustic lanterns to place on wooden barrels or hang from walls. And if you get your timing right, a rural rustic wedding can capture the gorgeous setting sun over the countryside for a truly romantic twilight wedding experience.

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Decorate your farm wedding your way

Crafting the picture-perfect backdrop for your farm wedding is about more than the décor. It’s about creating an atmosphere that feels warm, inviting, and authentic – true to you.

And just because you’re getting married on a farm or tying the knot in a barn doesn’t mean you need to go all-in on the rustic theme. It’s your big, you can embrace as much or a little of the farm décor theme as you want.

You could opt for an ultra-luxe, super elegant wedding if that’s your style. We’ve certainly had many of those here at Heaton House Farm.

So whether you’re dreaming of a quiet, intimate gathering or a large, festive celebration, we’re here to help.

Request a brochure today and let’s start planning your perfect farm wedding décor together.