Everything you need to know about Marquee Weddings

by sarah • March 7, 2020 • Wedding Planning Guides

Marquee weddings are a wonderful choice for any happy couple. They can create an intimate and romantic surrounding, even if your wedding list is longer than the average. Marquees also offer you a blank canvas which is ready to be adorned and enhanced with decorations and stylish finishing touches of your choice. You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to truly bring your vision to life.

Of course, it’s not as easy as hiring out a marquee and turning up. There’s a lot involved in planning a marquee wedding.

To help you on your way, we’ve collated everything you need to know about marquee weddings.

It’s all in the tent

There are plenty of tents and marquees out there to choose from, including frame tents, clear tops, canvas marquees, indoor alternatives, yurts and tipis. The choice is yours.

It all depends on the size of your wedding party. A small guest list will look lost in the traditional and grand frame tents, whilst tipis will quickly look crowded if too many people pile in at once.

Don’t forget who and what else will be joining you in there on your big day:

Food tables
Food caterers
DJ booth or band
Photo booth

A perfect fit for any theme

Being a blank canvas, marquees lend themselves to any theme or style of wedding. You can transform them into anything you want them to be; it’s all in the detail.

If you’re after a contemporary and sophisticated wedding, dress the marquee with grand greenery and delicate lighting. For couples after a more rustic vibe, choose oak seating and dramatic candles. Bunting and balloons will brighten the area and add some playful charm to your big day.

We love the idea of a marquee wedding in the countryside. The open space on offer would be the perfect fit for a wedding location boasting beautiful views. What could make a more picturesque backdrop for when you say your vows, or when you have your wedding breakfast, or when you’re enjoying the wedding party – rolling hills, stunning sunsets, nature at its best.

Weather durable

One thing you need to consider is how a marquee wedding will be affected by the UK’s unpredictable weather. You’ll need a marquee that will survive rain and shine – quite a task.

This is where indoor marquee alternatives come in.

Indoor marquees can be just as beautiful as the full outdoor extravaganza, but without all of the worry about weather and keeping your guests comfortable.

We love this idea, which is why we‘ve incorporated marquee stylings at Heaton House Farm. Our indoor wedding barn is the perfect choice for a stunning marquee wedding. A rustic exterior boasts rugged oak beams and rural stonework, whilst inside comfortable seating and a heated, carpeted floor (we’re all about the comfort!) are surrounded by adjustable marquee drapes to fit your wedding party, large or small.

These finer details and added luxuries can transform any marquee wedding into something truly special, without the risks of a standard marquee.

Our unbeatable location in countryside Cheshire means you can still benefit from being outdoors on a beautiful day, but guests will have the choice to stay inside – warm and cosy – if they wish.

Finding the right caterer

When it comes to outdoor weddings, there is a lot more to consider when booking a caterer.

If you’re hoping to serve hot food then it’s likely your catering company is going to require ovens, hot plates, space, access to water and more. When looking for a place to erect your marquee, make sure you think about the logistics for your catering company. You might even need a second tent just for the food prep!

Getting access to a marquee across a muddy field can also prove challenging – especially if catering vans need to get close to unload.

The great thing about a wedding at Heaton House Farm is that you can enjoy all the benefits of a marquee wedding without worrying about the catering logistics. Our on-site caterers– Stable Yard Catering – have their own bespoke kitchen to rustle up any kind of dish you desire – no extra tents, no vehicles stuck in mud!

The smaller details

We can’t forget the smaller details, the ones you might miss when it comes to planning an outdoor or marquee wedding:

Make sure toilets are close by and easily accessible.
Ensure your floor can withstand the weight of tables, dancing guests, caterers and a band.
Have a plan in place for any empty glasses or plates that will be lying around. Unlike an indoor venue, people may not be at hand to keep the space looking perfect all night long.
Double check you will have enough power to fuel your wedding and everything involved. You might need a generator too to keep the music and lights going.
Keep guests up to date with your parking locations/availability!

Make a marquee happen

Like any outdoor event there is a lot to think about when planning a marquee wedding, but the time and effort required is definitely worth it.

Whatever your style and theme, a marquee makes the perfect venue for you and your guests. Just remember to plan early and plan thoroughly… or consider an indoor marquee alternative like Heaton House Farm.

If you’re worried about the logistics, let us take care of everything. We’ve got award-winning toilets, an award-winning events team, a solid floor that can hold up to 600 guests and a stunning indoor marquee set-up – inside our luxurious barn – that you can decorate any way you’d like.
Come and see how you can enjoy the best of both worlds for your wedding – join us at our next open day.