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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Spectacular Wedding at Heaton House Farm

by Olivia • September 22, 2023 • Wedding Planning Guides

When you’re looking for a stunning farm wedding venue in Cheshire or around Staffordshire, Heaton House Farm should definitely be on your shortlist.

We might be a little biased, but we think it should be at the top of your list… and we’ll show you exactly why.

With this ultimate guide to hosting a spectacular wedding at Heaton House Farm, we want to walk you through every part of your big day so you can see exactly why so many couples choose us for their dream wedding.

1. Book your personal show around – and ask as many questions as you want

The first step to an unforgettable wedding at Heaton House Farm is to pay us a visit and see if we are the right farm wedding venue for you. You might be thinking you’d like to tie the knot on a farm, but you won’t know if it’s right for your big day until you visit and find out.

Our exclusive show-arounds are an experience in themselves, as our expert wedding coordinators (and maybe even the farm owner Mick) walk you through every stage of your wedding,

We make sure to show you every room, and every area, so you really do get the full picture of what your big day could look like. And of course, we won’t let you go until we’ve answered every single one of your questions – big or small.

(And we’ve heard them all, so don’t worry about asking anything that seems silly – we want you to ask away – we’re here to make your day perfect after all).

2. Don’t just decide on the perfect farm wedding venue, pick the perfect farm wedding venue for every season

Choosing the best farm wedding venue might be a challenge if you want to get married outside in the dazzling summer sun. Firstly, you can never rely on the Great British Weather, and secondly, those summer dates are likely to be very popular and booked up for years in advance.

But so what? If you choose a venue that can host a spectacular wedding all year round, whatever the weather, then you take one less worry off your plate.

At Heaton House Farm, some of our biggest and most extravagant weddings take place in winter.  We can accommodate hundreds of guests inside our barns, so you don’t need to worry about needing space outside.

Come rain or shine, all year round, we can help you create the perfect wedding for every season, every style.

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3. Choose a date, check it works for everyone, and get planning

Once you’ve decided Heaton House Farm is the place you want to hold your picture-perfect wedding, it’s time to get booking.

Our reservation process is really simple. We’ll discuss possible dates with you, and then you pick the one you think works perfectly. We hold it for seven days so you can check with registrars, arrange wedding insurance, and make sure the date is good for all your nearest and dearest.

Then, we take a small deposit to confirm the date, and off you go with your planning.

4. Give yourself total creative freedom for your theme

That planning can start anywhere you want. It can be as casual or as formal as you want. As grand or as intimate. It’s your big day, and Heaton House Farm is the blank slate for you to create whatever you’d like.

And trust us, we’ve seen it all. Beach-themed weddings. Fire and Ice weddings. Steampunk weddings. Just because we’re a farm wedding venue doesn’t mean you can’t pick your dream theme. Pick what you love and go with it.

Our events team are here to help with whatever you need, and your wedding coordinator will always be on hand to discuss ideas and options with you.

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5. Start as you mean to go on, in our exclusive bridal preparation suite

When your wedding morning dawns, you want to start the big day in style right? You’re not just getting ready for a ceremony or a party, you’re getting ready for the most spectacular day of your life.

That’s why we’ve created an exclusive space at Heaton House Farm: our extra special Bridal Preparation Suite.

We take care of all the details – long make-up counters, full-length mirrors, cosy seats, high hooks for dresses, gorgeous views across the countryside, and a fridge ready to be stocked with prosecco.

It’s the perfect place for you and all your bridesmaids to relax before your guests arrive.

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6. Don’t worry one little bit about guest logistics

Speaking of guests, the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about whether they’ll find the venue, if they’ll find somewhere to park and what they’ll do while they’re waiting around.

We host hundreds of weddings every year at Heaton House Farm, and taking care of your guests is our speciality.

We’re easy to find, and we’ve got loads of on-site parking and stunning areas inside and out for your guests to unwind in both before and during your wedding – like our rustic welcome barn, or our gorgeous patio that looks out on our iconic sycamore tree.

7. Match your ceremony area to your wedding style

Next, it’s time for the formal part of your wedding, and the big moment where you officially tie the knot with the love of your life.

And how do you make that truly spectacular at Heaton House Farm? Well, you pick your perfect ceremony area. We’ve got five incredible options to choose from – whether you want to go:

And with new wedding licensing rules in place, we can even discuss other options with you – such as on our field, under our sycamore tree (weather permitting)

Whatever your wedding style, we help you match your ceremony area to really bring it to life.

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8. Embrace all the comfort and luxury included as standard at Heaton House Farm

As your day progresses, you’ll find each part is as wonderful and magical as the next. That’s because, to make sure your day is as sensational as possible, we’ve taken great care to take care of all the little details.

We make sure you have everything you need, all in one place, with your wedding flowing seamlessly from one room to the next, from ceremony to reception, to dining to dancing.

And we’ve made sure that even the little things are outstanding, like our award-winning toilets, our lush underfloor heating and the state-of-the-art sound system throughout all our barns.

There are lots of reasons why we’re an unusually wonderful farm wedding venue.

9. Indulge in sensational food that’s as spectacular as your wedding

Your wedding breakfast is a big part of your day, so you’ll want to make sure it’s as spectacular as everything else. And of course, we’ve got you covered there, with our on-site partner Stable Yard Catering.

They’ll rustle up the very best dishes for you and all your guests, tailored to your specific requirements and your wedding theme.

Whether you want to go traditionally stunning with a sit-down three-course meal or have your guests spoilt for choice with buffet-style food stations, we guarantee your dining experience will be as unforgettable as the rest of your wedding.

10. Reflect on the spectacular day forever after, with stunning golden hour photography

You will never forget your mesmerising wedding at Heaton House Farm, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to capture all those moments to look back on again and again.

And if you want spectacular wedding photos, then there really is no better place than our farm, as the sun sets over the hills, casting three counties in a gorgeous golden glow.

Get outside with your photographer and get some incredible shots:

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11. Dance the night away, whichever way you want

As night falls, your wedding day rolls into your wedding disco. Or your wedding band takes to the stage. Or your magician, or your circus, or your string quartet. Whatever or whoever you want for your evening reception, we can host them.

We’ll roll out our stunning dance floor, all you and your guests have to do is party in style.

The perfect end to a spectacular wedding at Heaton House Farm…

12. Keep your dream wedding going the morning after with on-site accommodation

…except that’s not the end.

Because with our 5-star luxurious accommodation right across the courtyard from the dance floor, you and your guests have just a few steps to walk before you can fall back into total bliss in our honeymoon suite and 14 other gorgeous rooms.

And when you wake up, having dreamed about your perfect dream wedding, there’s still more to enjoy.

You and your guests join us in our Stable Yard Restaurant for a spectacular breakfast with locally sourced food – including some ingredients home-grown on our farm!

And best of all, you can even invite your closest friends and family back to join you, to reflect on your amazing day… even if they didn’t stay with us.

Did you take all that in? Ready to start creating your own spectacular wedding at Heaton House Farm?

Request a brochure today and let’s get started.