A Roaring Success: Christmas Ball 2021

by Olivia • December 30, 2021 • Christmas Party

For one weekend in December, every year, we don’t hold any weddings at Heaton House Farm. 

Instead, we transform our barns into a sensational theme, invite friends, family, couples that have married here, and anyone in the area who wants to have an amazing time, and we have one big Christmas party. 

Our balls are so popular now, that we have to hold three of them – Thursday, Friday and Saturday! And this year, the Saturday night Christmas Ball sold out within 8 minutes of going on sale. 8 minutes! 

It’s hardly surprising, given we had to have a year off in 2020. Everyone was eager to get their best dresses and finest suits on to join us for a massive end of year celebration. 

…and it was undoubtedly a roaring success. 

Extravagant themes and luxury style

The 1920s were all about indulgence and extravagance, so when we decided on a roaring twenties/Great Gatsby theme for 2021, we knew we had to go all out. 

And our amazing venue dressers did not disappoint, from the moment guests walked into our Entrance Barn. 

Venue Perfection provided stunning fabric curtains glistening with gold to set the mood, with gold fringes around our oak beams, while an incredible gold sequin backdrop – supplied by Sequins & Silks – made for an amazing photo opportunity under the night sky. 

Complete with a neon ‘Let’s Party’ sign, courtesy of Love Lights The Way, we were all ready to do as instructed. Party! 

Inside Steeles Barn, large 20’s numbers, also provided by Love Lights The Way, made it crystal clear what glorious decade we’d all be celebrating. Not that it was difficult to forget. One look around the barn at all the incredibly decorated tables, and the roaring 20’s was certainly the right name! 

With large centrepieces provided by Butterfly Events, gold sequin runners from Venue Perfection and incredible gold candelabras, large feather centrepieces and two massive, full-length gold vases standing on the floors supplied by Qube, the decadent decade was on full display. 

Showgirls and Showtunes 

From Jazz to Charleston, the 20’s were all about music, performance and the wow factor. Showing off was a must, and with the help of the amazing performers from Stage Invaders, our guests were treated to one heck of a show. 

From meeting and greeting guests on stilts in our Oak Barn – posing for a great picture with these giant feather fans – to 20s inspired dance performances and of course, an incredible aerial hoop show. They were all fantastic. 

Tom Finkill, our DJ and host for the night, guided us through the evening perfectly, while Northern Xposure – a 5 piece band with a saxophonist – treated us all to an incredible set of live music and bag loads of entertainment after our meal.

Food to indulge in 

Talking of food, since the 20’s were all about indulgence, the incredible set menu for the evening from Stable Yard Catering did not disappoint. 

Shell Downs had provided gorgeous, 20s inspired stationery to guide guests to the right seat, and once we are settled, a delicious 3-course dinner was served. 

Spinning, flapping and dancing the night away.

With the meal coming to a close, everyone was ready to really let their hair down and get in the 1920s spirit. 

And where better than in the Art Deco Selfie Photo Booth, provided by The Jolly Good Photo, where guests could dress up as flappers, gangsters or the Great Gatsby himself! 

Then, with a drink in hand by way of our speakeasy-themed bar, it was time for a spin of the roulette wheel or a hand of blackjack, with two brilliant casino tables set up and staffed by Pier Fun Casinos. They matched our theme perfectly. 

With the dancefloor already packed with guests trying their hand at all the hottest dance moves straight from the 1920s, it was down to our DJ Tom to play out the night and bring an incredible end to a truly fantastic, truly roaring, 1920s Christmas Ball at Heaton House Farm. 

Big thanks also go out to Kyle Hassall, our photographer for the event and Stefan at YSD Media who captured the party on video

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