A beautiful, fresh look for the venue

by sarah • December 9, 2020 • Heaton House Team

2020 may have been a year of staying home, with no celebrations to attend, and no champagne toasts, but that does not mean we stood still and watched the lockdowns go by.

We have been hosting weddings for over 20 years, but we want each, and every, wedding guest to arrive at a venue that looks as shiny and new as the first wedding that took place; and to achieve this there is a lot of work that must take place to keep it looking pristine.

When guests arrive, we want them to have a memorable first impression from the moment they draw into the car park, so we have begun work on a brand-new entrance which will give your guests just that! We’ve never had an opportunity like this to work on our courtyard (and hope we won’t again!) but as no one has been onsite, the yard could be broken up, reinforced, and completely resurfaced, ready for the high heels and wedding shoes that will be walking across it over the next few years.

It looks incredible and opens the yard for extra parking and coach parking whilst looking gleaming in the sunshine. We’re so pleased to have been able to complete the resurfacing as it really does complete the ‘wow’ look we want for our entrance.

Also in process is our new welcome gateway which will soon have lanterns on the posts and our logo engraved into Stone, lit with spotlights – it’s going to look showstopping!

Part of our regime to keep our barns looking brand new is the sanding down and re-staining of all the oak, including doors, porchways and of course our beautiful Oak Pagoda where couples can say their ‘I Do’s’. It makes such an incredible difference, and we can’t wait to have ceremonies under here once again.

The British weather sees us having lots of rain and therefore our buildings over time do get dirty, therefore it’s important for our team to keep jet washing our buildings down, everywhere is now looking sparkling after they’ve been jet washed and then covered with a chemical to protect them to keep them looking just as beautiful for even longer.