12 things to do the night before your wedding

by Events • April 3, 2024 • Wedding Planning Guides

The night before your wedding is always going to be one of mixed emotions. It’s possibly the biggest night of your life. All your planning, all your preparations, all the emotion and the excitement and the stress have led up to this moment.

Tomorrow is going to be unforgettable, you’ve done all your wedding planning, and you’ve just got one final night to get through until your big wedding day.

So what should you do?  How do you contain all that emotion that’s bubbling up? Is there anything you ought to be trying to calm those pre-wedding jitters?

Night before the wedding traditions?

Well, traditions abound on what you should do the night before your wedding, whether it’s making sure you spend the night away from your partner or frantically writing your vows at the last minute.

Some say you should polish the rings ready for the ceremony. Others say celebrate your last night of ‘freedom’ with your bridesmaids. Many will say your ought to relax and pamper yourself ahead of the biggest day of your life.

All you really need to know is that you can do what you want. It’s your big day, and your big night before it, so make it your own. Don’t want to spend time apart? Don’t. Embrace the time together. Don’t want to have friends over for mini spa night. Don’t!

It’s your wedding, so you should enjoy the night before it anyway you like.

But, having spoken with hundreds of brides (and their friends) about plans and experiences, we’ve shared our recommendations on the twelve things to do the night before your wedding.

Things you should consider doing the night before your wedding

1. Prioritise your sleep

Getting as full a night’s sleep as possible is the number one most important thing you can do before your wedding day. We know, we know, that’s easier said than done.

But, if you can take the time now to prepare and plan for a good night’s sleep, it will make a big difference. Sleep improves your mood, your skin, your energy levels – everything you need to be that truly glowing bride. Well-rested, you’ll be ready for your big day.

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2. Focus on eating and drinking well

A key factor in sleeping well, and something that also contributes to your skin, your mood and your general well-being is your diet the night before. You might be tempted to binge with your bridesmaids, throw back the prosecco and smash the choccies.

Don’t. Or rather, do, but take it easy. Enjoy a little in moderation but make sure you stay hydrated and keep your meals light. Keeping hydrating will make a big difference to how your feel tomorrow, and a light, easily digestible meal – avoid spicy, rich, high sugar and high processed food – will put you on the right track for your wedding day.

If you are looking for the perfect and relaxed dining experience for the night before the wedding, The Knot Inn pub serves high-quality locally sourced food and excellent service as a chance to start the wedding celebrations early!

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3. Review (or write) your plan for tomorrow

Go over the schedule for tomorrow. Not just the wedding itself – which your Heaton House Farm coordinator will have run through with you several times by now – but your plan for getting up and getting ready. Talk it through with your bridesmaids, mum, or best friend and make sure you know who’s doing what.

Most importantly, plan out your own morning. Set your intentions – when do you want to wake up, what do you want to eat for breakfast etc. so that nothing is a surprise and to let yourself know that everything’s under control.

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4. Delegate any last-minute plans

Something cropped up during that review of your day? Don’t worry about it – that’s what your bridesmaids, friends and family members are here for. Make sure you don’t burden yourself with it.

Note down anything you think you’ve forgotten, or any task you’re concerned about. Go through those notes and then delegate them. Now they’re off your chest and you know they’ll be taken care of.

5. Prep your ‘Wedding Day Kit

Every bride should have a wedding day kit, carried by a bridesmaid, just in case. Getting it ready is a great thing to do the night before your wedding. It could include anything from emergency snacks to essential first aid. Some common items you might need are: snacks, water, a sewing kit, safety pins, pain relievers, and any touch-up makeup. And of course, anything you want to have with you while you get ready in our bridal pamper room.

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6. Check in with your partner

Whether you’re spending the night apart or together, take a little bit of time out of your evening to check in with your partner. Just five or ten minutes to see how they are and share your feelings.

Connect with them via a heartfelt note, a video call or a quick phone call. Avoid logistics conversations and focus on the start of your journey as a married couple… and what the future might hold.

7. Practice banishing those nerves

By this point, anticipation is probably building and those nerves are brewing. Take some time to try and control them, but remember, butterflies are completely normal.

You could try some deep breathing techniques, meditation, or some yoga exercises to help you focus on yourself. Or you might find just talking to a close friend or family member about how you’re feeling is all you need.

8. Embrace the excitement

If you’re not worried about making sure everything is perfect for your big dig, you’ll probably be excited. Super excited. And that’s absolutely as it should be, so embrace it.

Allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of your upcoming wedding. Embrace the joy and celebrate it. Run around your house or hotel laughing and joking, take a walk alone to recap your journey to this point, or fling open you window and shout about how much you love your other half – whatever tickles your fancy!

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9. Run through your vows

Energy burnt, begin the final wind-down by running through your vows for tomorrow. If you’ve written your own or want to say something specific, now is the time to make sure it’s all clear in your head.

And if your saying traditional vows, you can still walk through what you’ll be asked to repeat and use it as moment to reflect mindfully on your love and gratitude for your partner.

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10. Enjoy your go-to relaxation routine

Every bride is different, so we don’t want to tell you what will help you relax and unwind the night before your wedding – but whatever your go-to relaxation routine is after a busy, stressful day, now’s the time to do it.

Whether it’s a hot, bubbly bath with candles, a face mask or a foot rub, a book or a game, keep some time free at the end of evening to treat yourself.

11. Disconnect from technology

After one last message to your partner saying your goodnights, put your phone into silent or sleep mode. Tech before bed won’t help you sleep.

Avoid the tablets or TV screens if you can too. Curl up in bed and just snuggle in, no distractions, no tech, just some time to focus on the day (and the months and years) ahead.

12. Get to sleep!

Yes, we’re saying it again! It’s the most important thing you can do the night before your wedding.

Aim for 8 hours of sleep… so get in bed early if you’ve got an early start! Plan ahead to make sure your sleeping environment is just right – calming, cool, dark. Meditation or a good book could help you drop off.

Do what works for you, the night before your wedding

These are 12 things we recommend doing the night before your wedding, based on what many brides who celebrate their big day at Heaton House Farm do.

But every bride is different! Do what works for you. If running through how you’ve planned a wedding in less than 12 months helps you relax and unwind, do that.

If a late-night session at the gym clears your head and leaves you ready to hit the hay, do that.

Just focus on embracing the excitement, leaning into the nerves and anticipation, and getting as much sleep as you can. You’ve laid all the plans, your big day awaits!

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