10 Reasons Why Heaton House Farm is One Of The Most Unusual Wedding Venues in the North West

by sarah • November 7, 2022 • Wedding Planning Guides

Your wedding day is the happiest, most enjoyable day of your life – and you want to make it as special as possible, right? It’s all about you and what you love. And that includes the venue too.

When you first start to look at wedding venues, you might find that lots of them are very similar, very… standard. But if you’re the kind of person who likes to be a little bit different, and you’re looking to create an unforgettable day, you’ll want to be looking at unusual wedding venues in Manchester and around the North West.

And here at Heaton House Farm, we like to think of ourselves as one of the most unusual wedding venues in Staffordshire – and maybe even Cheshire too! You’ll see that for yourself when you come and visit, but here are just a few reasons why:

1. We’re still a working farm

The first clue is in our name – we are still a 100% working farm, seven days a week. You’ll see all our farmland as you drive up to our front doors, and are more than likely to see tractors in the fields, cows grazing on the hills, and sheep coming over to the fences to say hello.

So if you want to get married on farm – unusual in itself – we can make it happen! 

2. We’re a family run business

Heaton House is another clue too, since it’s been in the family for six generations! Mick and Margaret Heath are the current owners, and when Mick’s checking on his beloved cows and Margaret is rustling up some homemade jam from her cottage garden, you’ll find their daughter Sarah overseeing weddings.
In fact, the whole family usually get involved in making sure your entire day is absolutely perfect, and you’ll always be able to talk to Mick, Margaret or Sarah if you need ANYTHING at all.

3. We create our own power

Living on a farm that’s surrounded by some beautiful countryside and incredible nature, we’re passionate about being environmentally responsible. That’s why we decided long ago to install our own solar panels – 125 by 2011, but now we’ve got 250!

We have our own unique biomass burner too. It helps us to re-use the green waste products from the farm and the forest, to power our heating. So as well as being a little bit unusual, we’re also an eco-wedding venue too. 

4. We’ve got a marquee…inside a barn!

OK, so marquees aren’t that unusual. Lots of people have amazing marquee weddings. But have you ever seen a marquee inside a barn?

We love marquees, we love barns, and we love unusual wedding venues. So we thought, why not combine them all together? The great thing about having a marquee inside a barn is that you can enjoy an incredible marquee wedding – dining under fully decorated drapes and incredible lighting to match your theme – without a single worry about the weather. Everything is protected, no matter what the weather is like outside.

5. Choose from FOUR different areas to tie the knot

Your wedding is all about making it as personal and bespoke to you, so why would you settle for being told where you have to have your civil ceremony? We have four different, fully licensed ceremony areas for you to get married and make it official; all you have to do is decide which is your favourite?

Choose from under the stars, under the pleats, an oak beamed barn, or even outside, under the oak pagoda.

6. Look out over THREE different counties

There aren’t many places where you can look out over three different counties at the same time, but our North Lawn is one of them.

It makes for an absolutely stunning backdrop for wedding photos, and definitely helps to stand out as one of the most unusual wedding venues in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire! 

7. We size the venue to your guests

Yes, you did read that right! We’ve been to so many different weddings, and we’ve found there’s nothing worse than a venue that’s too big for the number of guests – so it feels empty and impersonal, or too small that it’s cramped and uncomfortable.

So we thought we’d be unusual with our wedding venue, and re-size it to the guests in your party. Whether you go small and intimate with just 10 guests, or large and extravagant with 600, we adjust our interiors to make sure you have the perfect amount of space. 

8. We don’t worry about the rain

It’s not unusual for brides and grooms to spend hours worrying about bad weather on their wedding day. But at Heaton House Farm, it really doesn’t matter what the Great British weather throws at us.

That’s because we have loads and loads of space inside, capable of accommodating everything you need for you wedding. We mean everything too – we’ve even had a bouncy castle inside when the weather was bad!

9. We’re here for you, every single day

We know weddings are stressful enough as it is, without having to worry when questions about the venue crop up, or when there’s issues with organisation or the running order. So as well as having your own personal wedding coordinator, you’ll be able to ask our whole team anything you want, seven days a week.

We know we’re an unusual wedding venue to have an events team that are available all week and all weekend, but we know it makes a difference to the happy couple and their families.

10. We have lambs

Only in springtime of course, but if you do want a spring marriage in an unusual wedding venue, you’ll be blessed with some beautiful little faces on your big day.

After the ceremony, you’ll often find Mick has brought down some little lambs for all the guests to come and see (and maybe even feed!). And they make a great addition to any wedding photos!

We think these reasons alone make us one of the most unusual wedding venues in the North West – but there’s lots more to see too. Why not book a visit and we’ll show you around ourselves?