Eco-friendly Green Wedding Venue

Surrounded by the beautiful scenery and rolling hills, we never take the incredible country we live in for granted. We know that anyone who is looking for a wedding venue in the countryside is likely to feel the same as us. That’s why we do everything we can to take care of the environment we live in, and why we’re proud to be one of the most eco-friendly, greenest wedding venues in the region.


Reducing and Recycling

We’ve been recycling here at Heaton House Farm for decades, and were one of the first places in the area to set up our own recycling station on-site. We didn’t want the council trucks to be wasting fuel coming up to farm to collect half full bins, so we commissioned our own recycling companies to only collect our full skips of carefully separated material.

We separate everything here, reducing waste wherever possible ensuring that as little as possible goes to landfill. We work with external companies like Refood to recycle all waste food from our weddings, and we even make sure to separate fruits from the bottom of empty glasses, because every little bit of recycling matters. The waste food collected by Refood goes into an Anaerobic Digester producing methane gas which powers generators adding electricity to the National Grid.


Heaton House Farm Wedding Venue - Eco-friendly Wedding Venue - Green Wedding Venue - Solar PanelGreen and Sustainable Energy

Our barn roofs were also one of the first places in the region to host solar panels. By 2011, we had 125 panels installed, and since then we’ve doubled that amount. We now have 250 solar panels generating up to 60kwh of energy every day.
We use this green energy to power everything we can at the farm, with our tasteful LED lamps already reducing electricity consumption by 90%. We’ve ensured all work which requires equipment and machinery is done during daylight hours, to take advantage of this energy, and we have constructed a specialist insulated water storage unit.

Here, we heat water using surplus solar power, and store it for our guests to use in their bathrooms that night or the following morning.Heaton House Farm Wedding Venue - Eco-friendly Wedding Venue - Green Wedding Venue - Solar Panel installed

In 2014, we rebuilt the old horse and cart barn, and installed a brand new biomass burner to supply heat to the whole farm. Using waste from our agricultural work, sustainably forested trees and those that have been blown down, along with additional food waste, we use recycled materials as fuel to heat and light our whole venue.

This means we reduce our reliance on overseas fossil fuels like oil, and cuts our carbon footprint dramatically.


Minimising Our Carbon Footprint

Minimising and eliminating our carbon footprint is a big goal for us at Heaton House. With all our facilities in one single place, from ceremony options right through to overnight accommodation, our wedding guests don’t need to travel around the area. Not only does that make for a much smoother, easier wedding day, it cuts exhaust emissions.

Along with our commitment to reduce the frequency of our waste recycling and deliveries, further cutting emissions, we also endeavour to source all our food as locally as possible. Field to fork is a key mantra for us, and we work with suppliers who share our passion for sustainability.

At breakfast with us, our Free Range eggs come from the other side of the hill, our meat is provided by local farms where possible, and our jams are made from fruit straight out of our very own kitchen garden.

We also offset any carbon emissions and replace any wood we use with the planting of new trees across our 165 acres every year. We’re working as hard as we can to be carbon neutral, and our goal is to send zero waste to landfill in the near future.


A Green, Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue For You

With such large grounds, wildlife is in abundance at Heaton House Farm, and we’re doing everything we can to protect it now for future generations. From bird feeders in the water gardens to cordoned off fields to protect nesting chicks, all the staff here love the local animals.

We’re often watching out for owls at night time, helping out with the sheep during lambing season, and rescuing hedgehogs.

If you want to see our beautiful countryside and the local wildlife, you’ll have to come visit and look around. And if you’re committed to taking care of the environment like us and would like to host a sustainable, green wedding – then we’re the eco-friendly venue for you.