We firmly believe that we can re-create any theme or style you like at Heaton House Farm, transforming our barns into any immersive experience you’d like for your wedding.

And for a recent charity event, we became Hogwarts for the night. Our entire venue left the Muggle world for the magical one – by way of the Hogwarts Express – as we hosted a mesmerising Harry Potter Charity Ball.

We got together with Janet Pickford at Biddulph Moor Friends of Cancer Research UK to organise the event, and it was certainly one we’ll never forget – even with an Obliviate memory charm!

An entrance fit for a witch or wizard

The first glimpse our guests got of our magical Harry Potter theme was in our Entrance Barn, where hundreds and hundreds of handwritten envelopes were all displayed, just like in the letter scene from the film.

With an invitation to Hogwarts in hand, our guests then had the opportunity to meet the actual driver of the Hogwarts Express train in the films. This amazing gentleman was answering questions, showing off his filming schedule, and taking photographs with a host of magical props.

Re-creating the Great Hall at Hogwarts

After taking in the wonderful decorations in the Entrance Barn, our guests then stood mesmerised as they entered the Great Hall – otherwise known as our Steeles Barn.

Decked out with magical fairly lights and Harry Potter letters (thanks Love Lights The Way!), house banners, the famous Sorting Hat – there was just about everything you could imagine from the film! We had models of Hogwarts Castle and Diagon Alley, sweets from Honeydukes, broomstick displays and even edible Golden Snitches!

Oh, and Birds of Prey brought a snowy owl for us all to interact with – just like Hedwig.

It was truly amazing.

Vanilla in Allseasons served up a delicious 4 course meal – with plenty of magical twists – whilst we were all serenaded by the Didsbury String Quartet or treated to some real magic by David Oakley.

Dancing celebrations and a scare for us all!

We had some incredibly dancing from Charm Entertainment, who had all dressed as Beauxbaton students from The Goblet of Fire book and film. Chelsea Shoesmith was on hand to capture all the moments with her camera.

But then it was nearly all over, as the dementors appeared to ruin the night! The dementors – also known as stilt walkers from Stage Invaders – swept amongst the crowd to instil fear amongst us all – before finally being banished. We suspect it might have been Dumbledore who saved us.

Yes, we had a Dumbledore – it just happened to be Heaton House Farm’s owner Mick Heath (although though he’s never actually seen the films!)

To top the night off, DJ Krissi B got us all on the dancefloor, celebrating under even more decorations from Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and the Harry Potter world.

How would you like to transform Heaton House Farm for a Harry Potter wedding or a special corporate event? Get in touch and start your planning.

A huge thank you to Chelsea Shoesmith for capturing all of the magical photographs!



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