A Late Summer Night’s Competition

by benbjhampson-com | August 31, 2017 | Team Nights

With a wonderful, and very busy wedding season beginning to slow down at the end of August, Mick and Margaret – the owners of Heaton House Farm – treated the entire team to a superb bonding experience and a night of celebrations.


Team building with Corporate Days Staffordshire

The brilliant team just over the road at Corporate Days Staffordshire invited all the Heaton House Farm staff over as the night got started, and the fun-filled activities were soon underway.
First up, we all had to put our balance, agility and speed to the test. Not only were we doing some classic sport’s day races – but we had to do them on top of a Segway!
There was some definite trepidation and fear at first, but eventually, we all plucked up the courage to get on a Segway and race around the field! There were team races, a connect 4 challenge (stopping a Segway to pick up a giant counter is harder than you might think!) and an egg and spoon race!

Embracing our inner Robin Hood

Next up, we all had to pretend like we were in Sherwood Forest, as we pulled out the bow and arrows and attempted to hit some targets!

Our teams battled it out to see who had the straightest aim and the most effective draw, to become the best archer in Macclesfield.

Then, with our bows hung up again, it was time to get tied up! 

Teamwork always wins!

Working together in pairs, we had ropes threaded around our arms to lock us together. We had to untie them – without cheating! Margaret showed just why she’s the Queen of Heaton House Farm – removing the ropes in the quickest time of all of us!

More ropes and team building activities followed, as we battled with wooden pieces and had to work together to move around them, race around an island and get back again. Needless to say, there was a lot of falling over as we got to grips with that all important communication.

Rounding off the night, BBQ style!

Our final race – and the last chance for certain individuals to prove themselves (and not fall over in a fit of giggles!) – was the Space Hopper race.

We all bounced our hearts out, and the pictures clearly show just how determined – and hilarious – we all were.

Thankfully, refreshments were on hand ready to refuel our bodies after all those activities.

Vanilla in Allseasons had taken to our patio and rustled up a truly delicious BBQ for us all. Scrumptious meats and salads were accompanied by fresh, homemade bread – it was just what we all needed after all that energy spent trying to get out of those ropes!

A big thank you to Suzy Wimbourne for the wonderful selection of photographs!

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