10 Wedding Reception Ideas to make your Nuptials Extra Memorable

by sarah | February 22, 2016 | Wedding Planning Guides

You’ve found the ideal place for your wedding ceremony, you’ve planned the music, you’ve found the perfect dress, shoes and flowers, and now it’s time to turn your attention to your wedding reception. What do you choose? A simple but sophisticated wedding breakfast, or a ‘go-the-whole-hog’ knees up complete with band and wedding disco? If you’re looking for ideas to make your wedding reception stand out from the crowd, read on for our top ten wedding reception ideas.

10 ideas to make your wedding reception more special (1)

Arrive in style

If you don’t fancy arriving at your reception by car or horse and carriage, why not swoop down in a helicopter? Not only will it get your adrenaline pumping, but you’ll also get a fantastic view of your wedding venue and your guests before you land.

Add a traditional touch

There’s nothing more traditional than a classic carousel. Just think of the photo opportunities! Guests of all ages will become children again as they choose their favourite horse. Don’t forget you’re going to need plenty of space, and the permission of the wedding venue before you go ahead with this idea.

10 ideas to make your wedding reception more special (2)
Left photo by Cris Lowis Photography. Right photo by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

Remember the romance

Whether you’re having a religious or civil ceremony, a wedding is all about romance. Choosing a sax player, a harpist or even a trio will add a touch of style and sophistication and give you the chance to take a breather from all the excitement.

Sweet and pretty

While most wedding couples want to create a wow factor with their wedding cake, there’s an increasingly popular trend of setting up ice cream, cake or sweet bars. Whether you prefer cake pops, tiny ice cream cones served by glamorous waitresses in 1950s costumes or handmade macaroons, you can’t fail to impress your guests when you serve up something sweet and pretty.
Bring on the snow
Have you always had a dream of getting married in the snow? Watching the snowflakes whirl around and settle on your fur cape as you and your partner exchange frosty kisses before heading off on your honeymoon? If so, you’ll know that the chances of getting a snowy day for your wedding are as high as having a white Christmas. However, all is not lost. There are companies who have the ability to create a marvellous winter wonderland using biodegradable snow, so you can have your own Dr Zhivago moment. They’ll even clear it all away afterwards, so your chosen wedding venue won’t be left knee-deep in slush.

Set up a mini photographic studio

Keeping on a photographic theme, ask your wedding photographer for advice on fun concept ideas to incorporate in your reception. This could include setting up a mini photography studio or a more informal photo booth where guests can let their hair down and get photographed with a wide selection of themed props. Enabling guests to laugh lots and share some silly times together; photo booths have become particularly popular at weddings across the country over the past few years.
An image to last a lifetime
Photos and videos are a wonderful way to capture the spirit of the day, but they aren’t the only way to make a memorable image. Give you and your guests an extra special keepsake by booking a caricature artist to put his own spin on the wedding party.

Show them your ‘X’ Factor

We’ve all seen video clips of couples amazing their guests with their first dance. If you’ve got two left feet and you don’t have time for dance lessons, why not show off your other talents by learning the words to a classic song and then miming along to it at an appropriate time in the proceedings? If this sounds like a bit too much, play your favourite instrument or recite your favourite poem.

Have fun with the shoe game

This entertaining game is the perfect way for guests to get to know you more as a couple and find out how well you and your new spouse really know each other. Play by placing two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor. Next, take off both of your shoes and get your partner to do the same. Swap one shoe with your new husband/wife so that you’re both holding one of each. Once that’s sorted, get the best man to ask a sequence of questions that’s based on the two of you and your relationship. Once each question is asked, it’s your job to hold up the shoe of the person that you think best fits that description. The results will be hilarious! Want to know more about the shoe game? Click here to learn more and get some sample questions.

Time to sparkle

Bring an added touch of sparkle to your big day and make your guests smile from ear to ear by giving them wedding sparklers to have fun with. Providing your guests with wedding sparklers on the evening of your special day is a magical, fun, and inexpensive way to create a truly memorable atmosphere. Not only will the ambience be magical, but your wedding party will also appreciate the chance to feel like children again and the photos opportunities can be spectacular.

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Photo by Jonny Draper Photography
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